Went trick or treating....

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Went trick or treating....

and TOTALLY had to pee after we got started! Luckily where we were I was friends with at least 3 of the houses...My one friend had said he was going to be handing out candy but his light wasnt on.(we were very close in high school and tried to be after though he moved away but is now back ) I sent a message to him pointing out his light was off... shortly after when we were comign back up the street it was on. (my other friends houses weren't close by) SO I went up to him (he didn't know we were preg yet) and said "Can the pregnant chick use your bathroom?" immediately he said "of course!" pause.. " THE WHAT?!? Did you say pregnant chick?" IT was priceless! I wish I could find a way to tell everyone else and get the same kind of excited suprised reaction!

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Ha Ha! That's super cute!

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I love that!!!

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