We're home and she has a name!

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We're home and she has a name!

Here's Ainsley Grace A. all pretty in pink and ready to go home in the blue dinosaur car seat...

Such is the life of a baby girl with two big brothers Wink
We got home about 4 o'clock yesterday. My milk seems to be coming in today but not engorged...yet. She's definitely swallowing more when she eats though. So far, all is going well! Smile

Sorry if the pic is huge...posting from my phone again and can't resize. So annoying!

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Great name!! Smile Yes, such is the life with 2 older brothers. I'm sure she will love her dinosaurs just as much as Aidan loves his purses and baby strollers. Wink

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So pretty and such a pretty name!

Since J was born DD is always asking me if she had pink things (swings, seats, etc.) when she was a baby. She doesn't understand why I didn't go out and buy all pink things for her and she had to use big brothers things!

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Love her name!! She is so beautiful!

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So cute and love the name!! And I'm sure she will love her dinosaurs Wink

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Ainsley is the girl name I have been waiting to use.....then I had 3 boys.

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I LOVE the name. It has been on my short list too!

I bought quite a few pink things with DD. We even have to pink car seats. LOL. M wore 2 pink cloth diapers today. Blum 3

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Beautiful name. Glad you made it home Smile Like others have said, it works slightly better as a girl with older brothers than the other way. I bought very few gender specific big items with my DD but DS1 did have to use her very pink bouncer chair (DS2 got a new one because the they two burned the motor out on the vibration).

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Love the name, and what a pretty girl! Look at all that dark hair! Congrats and great job, Mama!

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Beautiful girl and great name. Congrats

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Love the name! Love the pic! I bought all gender-neutral "big" things last time (like car seats)...although it turns out I didn't need to anyway! :roll: That's okay--dinosaurs are awesome for all.

Yay for going home!

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I'm so happy you got your girl! I have been stalking you guys the whole pregnancy!1