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Thread: What do the siblings want...boy or girl?

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    DD is too young to know any difference, tho she does like to kiss my belly and poke it. baby intuition?
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    DD doesn't know I'm pg yet so I haven't asked her. Not sure I want to ask her and give her the option to fall in love with one idea over the other. The funniest thing is she recently discovered a hand-me-down book we have called "Froggy's Baby Sister". She has had me read that book at bed time every day for the last week. It's so cute. In the book Froggy really wanted a baby brother but gets a baby sister.

    The funny thing I've noticed about DD is that she has never once asked for a sibling or wondered why she doesn't have one. She has daycare friends who are siblings and several of our baby group friends have baby siblings (which are 1 now), but she has never even mentioned it as a possibility.
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    My kids don't know either. I know that DD wants a girl, but she said that she would still love it if it was a boy
    She also said that when she grows up to be a Mommy, SHE will have girl babies. LOL.
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    Most of the time DS tells me he wants a Brohter AND a sister. He's ok wiht the fact that there's just one right now. but hasnt specified which he wants. Though the other day he told his mom mom "I dont want a baby brother or sister anymore... I Just want to play with Baby Vladimir" (a baby my brother watches on occasion)

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    We haven't "told" her yet. Obviously she knows something is up cause of mommy. I don't think she'd really care either way, but she doesn't have any siblings, so the whole brother/sister concept is a bit foreign to her. She knows her cousins are brother and sister, but not enough to make her care what this baby would be. Although when we tell her, I might eat my words. DH on the other hand is really wanting a boy. And wanting to find out. Well, we're not finding out (according to me) until baby is born, so too bad!
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    DD is insisting its a baby sister.! We aren't going to find out this time. I think we might be in trouble if its a boy but she loves babies so I'm pretty sure she'll be ok eventually. DS is really too young yet to understand. So we are good there.
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