What to pack?

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What to pack?

Hi Ladies:

I'm leaving on Friday for Japan. I will gone for 2 weeks; it's work related. What do you think I should pack with me? So far, I think I'm bringing gum, peppermint candies, lemon drops, mini bags of pretzels and a few granola bars. Anything else you think I should take for the plane ride / hotel room?

I'm also trying to decide what to pack for clothes - inevitably, my belly is going to grow over those 2 weeks. Most of my pants now are already too tight. I did get a black and a white bella band thing to help stay in my regular clothes longer, but geeze! I hate to pack maternity tops, but I just might break down and find my smaller ones to take just in case. Anyway, that last part on clothes was more of a rant Smile

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im already into maternity pants, i have a sit down job and cant stand the pants digging into my stomach so pack whatever is comfortable no one will know they are maternity

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yep, I agree with Karen - pack for comfort as long as the clothes are "work presentable". Smile

As far as food goes - I'd pack a bit more for snacks on the plane ride - maybe something sweet to contrast the pretzels?

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I wish I had a job that traveled, Japan sounds like fun.

Some of the powder drink mixes? I know they aren't particularly tasty but I find that when I start getting sick its because something that I have eaten too often leaves a weird after taste and it gets it the flavor out of my mouth.

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I would say be as comfortable as possible. For the plane i would take stuff that you know you like because I found that the food sometimes isn't the best. Also the same when you are going to a different culture. It was hard to find the things i was used to eating once i got there too. now if i were to do it being pregnant and having m/s i would go insane