What are they doing?

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What are they doing?

Do you ever wonder what your baby is doing inside you? I wonder that a lot lately...I mean, you can only do so much 'getting comfortable'. LOL. Sometimes the wiggling and stretching goes on and on! Baby aerobics?

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I'm just starting to feel the baby, but I know what you mean. Smile

It's like they are praciticing to try out Cirque du Soleil the water show.

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The past few days baby has seemed more active than I have been feeling previously. I guess that is all they have to do on there besides sleep! I have actually been able to feel baby move from the outside the past few days too. DH got to feel baby for just a second last night. The kiss haven't been able to yet? But I hope in the next week maybe they will too!

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I want to feel this baby!!!! I must have the laziest baby in the world. I thought, maybe, I got one little kick yesterday, but that was it so I'm not even sure.

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When DS2 was in my stomach, I was convinced he received every belt in Karate all the way up to black. He must have been in Ninja lessons after that...or something Smile

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She has been very active and loves kicking my bladder and butt. Lol. The other night she was doing log rolls. It woke me up and I put my hands there and could feel back then knees repeatedly. It was awesome

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This baby gives me some punches/kicks but I can't feel him rolling around much yet (although I know he since the spots he kicks moving around). But with my first DS, that kid would literally try to stretch all the way out to the point I thought he was going to just burst through my skin. Then he would kick-kick-kick-kick with all his might. When he came out, he was the same way - liked to stretch out and never quit moving his feet. We actually nicknamed him "Roo" like a Kangeroo. lol

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I wonder what baby is doing too! I think it is so new for them they think it's cool to wiggle and squirm around. Plus they know they will get moms attention!

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I'm not kidding - 100 movements the other night while putting DD to bed. Flips, kicks, punches, headbutts, you name it! Following the exact path of DD of when I started to feel it, when it starts to get way stronger, same times of day etc. My videos of DD in my tummy are crazy! She jumps like 6 inches out of my belly and moves in waves and rolls then pop.

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Yes! Baby has been going crazy lately!! He/she was kicking dh in the back yesterday morning Blum 3

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Makes me feel better to hear you ladies say all this. My baby girl is super active at certain times during the day... and for the life of me I can't figure out how she's making all those movements with just two arms and two legs! She beats me! LOL

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I'm loving this thread! Glad it's not just me. I guess a lot of their movements are pretty reflex based...not super controlled. I do notice times when he/she is SO active. Last night it was for a long time too!