What are you doing in there?

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What are you doing in there?

Ok so over the weekend, I felt babygirl from the outside yay (prolly would have felt her alot sooner, but I am kinda fat.)! But the whole of last week all I can think is it won't be too much longer before she starts hurting me, she seems way more active and stronger than DS was at this stage. Can it be June yet?

How many people have felt baby move from the outside?

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Me! I think feeling baby from the outside is even 10x cooler than feeling them move initially. You can feel that there's little bones in there and suddenly it goes from a blob moving around to a little human. Love it!!

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I can feel some from the outside especially when she morphs position. i cant feel bones yet as i am also "fat".

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We've been feeling baby move from the outside for a while now. He felt 'something' at 16w4d which is crazy early. Now it's very obvious from the outside. I don't know what he/she is doing in there but I always wonder. The kicks have moved now though so I know he/she has been turning. It feels like right now his/her spine is forward as the kicking seems to be more muffled and near my colon area.

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I have been feeling some outside movements. DH has felt him a few times. The other day dd was laying onmy tummy and he was kicking her! One night I was even able to see my belly "jump". That is one of my favorite things!