What are your symptoms?

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What are your symptoms?

Hi Ladies:

I thought it would be nice to start a thread of our symptoms, how far along we were when the symptom started. I've been having such a different experience this time, it makes we curious Smile

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Here are mine:

1) Increased urination - I swear I have the smallest bladder around! This started at about 5 weeks

2) General tired / off feeling - this also started at about 5 weeks

3) Nausea - today was the first morning I felt sorta sick. After I ate, I was fine. I'll be 6 weeks tomorrow.

4) Bloated - I've been feeling bloated (just belly) since about 5 weeks.

5) Heart burn - It seems no matter when or how much I eat, I seem to have heart burn. Probably started about 5 weeks.

6) Cramping - it comes and goes and isn't concentrated on anyone side. Pretty much been happening off/on since 4 weeks.

7) Metalic taste in my mouth - I had this for almost 2 weeks (3-1/2 to 5-1/2) weeks. It seems to be gone now.

Symptoms I've had before that I'm not now (at least not yet):
1) Sore, achy breasts / nipples
2) Extreme Morning sickness
3) Increased sense of smell
4) Food / Smell aversions

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boobs are sore and cramps here and there other than that im feeling pretty good

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for me its sore breasts and nipples- 4 weeks, m/s like crazy since 4 weeks, increased sense of smell-5 weeks (have to chew gum to do dishes), mood swings-5 weeks, headaches- 4 weeks, cramps-4 weeks, increased urination-5 weeks. If i think of more ill add them. lol