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Thread: When to tell siblings?

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    I love all these stories about older siblings! SO cute!

    One of my daughter's daycare 'teachers' told me last month that they once found out a mom was pregnant because the child told them one day. LOL. Kids don't keep secrets very well!
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    We told Bella as soon as we found out. She knows the baby is in my tummy and when I ask her if the baby is a boy or a girl she says girl!!!!!!!! Lol!! I don't think she totally understands but she's getting there.

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    we've talked about it in front of the kids but so far they haven't seemed to pick up on it. I'm going to emphasize it once I'm through the first trimester and I'm okay with the entire world knowing!
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    I agree with PP...don't tell him until you are ready for everyone to know. We didn't really talk to my DD about it when I was pg with my 2nd until I was pretty obviously showing (although people had made comments to her about being a big sister) but she was 14 months when I got pg again so she didn't understand or care. Even at almost 2, she didn't grasp the concept of a baby in my belly and could care less 95% of the time. This time she's 3 and much more capable of understanding and TELLING everyone so we'll wait until the 2nd tri to talk to her about it when we're okay with her telling everyone she sees.
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    **loss ment**

    I don't want to be a downer or anything, but I thought I should share some of my experience.

    when I got pregnant with my second DS1 was only 12m, so he had no clue. With my third pregnancy, DS1 was 2 1/2 and we told him around 6 weeks when the m/s hit (DS2 had no clue). He was really excited and asked for twin sisters. He got one brother.

    This summer, in early June, my sister got pregnant. She told at 6 weeks and we told the boys. They were over the moon because they don't have any cousins yet and love babies. 2 days later, she ended up having surgery for a ruptured ectopic. DS2 handled it okay, but DS1 cried and insisted for a long time that he was still getting a baby cousin. So, when I got pregnant a couple weeks later we decided to wait until after the first u/s. It was hard. I wanted to tell them so badly, especially when the hyperemesis hit. But, when that ultrasound showed an empty sac I was very glad we hadn't. It was hard not to tell, but not as hard as it would have been to have to tell them again that there wasn't actually any baby.

    Obviously, I hope everything goes well for you, but you might as well be cautious. He'll still be super excited whenever you tell him.
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