Why is my body so stupid???

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Why is my body so stupid???

Seriously, why? It's like everyone else gets to say "I knew baby was coming when contractions got to 10 minutes apart for two straight hours". but me? I've been as close as every THREE minutes for six freaking hours and I'm still pregnant. I lost my plug weeks ago. Ive been dilated to 4 for WEEKS. I'm so angry with my body right now. I'm really just at the point of "it's not fair!" I didn't want to be induced or even have any help at all getting things going. I'm angry that I'm having my water broken Monday but at the same time Monday is day flipping 35 of painful and strong contractions so I give up. I can't live like this anymore. I know it's the best choice and the right choice in this situation but I'm still pissed off about it.

Thats all. I needed to rant.

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You have EVERY right to vent! You have been getting the poopy end of the stick this whole pregnancy!!!!! I feel bad for you every day. Sad This baby needs to GET OUT!

I totally get how you're angry with your body. I'm angry with mine too. Sure I got my vbac but it wasn't at all how I wanted and almost 2 weeks later I'm still suffering the side effects of the interventions. Sad Part of me thinks a c-section would have been easier but I know this is better for baby and my body ultimately. It's still hard to accept how out body acts sometimes. Sad


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Sorry... :bighug:

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Sad you poor thing. I totally understand how you feel. Wish I could make evrything better for you.