Will be MIA for a couple weeks

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Will be MIA for a couple weeks

The kiddos and I are leaving on Friday for a cross country road trip, so I may post a bit more tomorrow, but then I'll be gone for a couple weeks. Just thought I'd let you all know.

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WOAH!!!! You're crazy daring!!!! Have fun girl and be safe. We'll miss you!

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I hope you have a Fun and safe trip! Smile

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How fun!!! Have a blast andcan't wait to hear all about it Smile

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Enjoy! Not sure how many miles you are doing. Watch your feet! The only issue I had was swollen feet. They hurt so much! We did 1800 miles round trip. Have fun!

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Wow, have fun!!!

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Have fun and be safe!

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Yeah, ours will be about 2400 miles round trip, but spread over 3 days. We will have one "moderate" day of driving, a "long" day, and a "short" day. Then on the way back it will be the opposite. We had the van checked out a couple days ago, and all looks good there. I also re-newed our AAA, so I feel good about having that, although, hopefully I won't need to use it! The kids are really good in the car, so hopefully no major issues there. However, after 3 days of driving even I might feel a little bit like screaming and crying. Wink

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Good luck and have a fun trip!

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Have fun and make sure to take care of yourself Smile