yesterday's appt

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yesterday's appt

lost 2 pds which was fine since i was up 3 pounds last week and i think most of the weight was water.. blood pressure was good 118/72 and im only a fingertip dilated so im taking that as either ?cmm or 1 cmm which i've been for 2 weeks now. she is still pretty high up so it looks like it will be another week or so.

I have been MIA sorry ladies, i have a temp at my job so she is at my computer so no internet time for me Sad unless she is at lunch and my laptop at home has **** the bed and doesnt work well with my cellphone.

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Sounds like a good appointment. Can't wait to meet our little girl!

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Good appointment! You sound like me with our little girls floating up high. I'm thinking she's not coming down until I go into labor. :rolleyes:

Bummer about the Internet access situation. Glad you updated us though and KUP. Smile

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Glad everything is going well! Hopefully she will decide to come down soon!