Yet again...

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Yet again...

So I ended up in L&D again yesterday. I had a sharp pain followed by 3 sharp contractions in 10 minutes. I tried my normal bath routine that usually gets them to calm down and continued to have 4 more contractions in 40 minutes. The water did help dull them tho. I called my dr and they sent me down to be safe. I ended up having 10 or more in the van on the way. They checked me and monitored me and they were coming fast but NO CHANGE! Yay! They concluded that the normal amount of water intake isn't enough for me... Well at least they Aren't doing anything and now this morning I've had none. And I'm 26 weeks!

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Oh man. Your body needs to chill out! Congrats on 26 weeks! Here's hoping there are MANY more!

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I am glad that things weren't progressing. Congrats on 26 weeks!

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Oh goodness, your body needs to give you a break!! So happy they aren't causing a change though. And congrats on making 26 weeks Yahoo

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Happy 26 weeks but MAN, can you not get a break? Hugs.

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yay for 26 weeks!

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happy 26!! keep on baking

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Yay to 26 weeks!!! Yahoo

but, I'm so sorry this is so up and down for you. I'll be thinking about you. :bigarmhug:

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Oh yikes how scary! I need to catch up more, I didn't realize you were having a tough time Sad I hope you have many more weeks ahead!! Yay for reaching 26! Smile