Yuck. Cruddy appointment.

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Yuck. Cruddy appointment.

When your doctor asks you if you are ready to consider putting in a line for fluids, calories and meds, you suddenly realize you are really sick. I know I haven't felt good but I've been pushing through. Making myself coach my basketball team and teach at church and drive my kids to all their activities and try to do housework. I have tried to tell myself I'm just pregnant, suck it up. I think today is the first time I've had to admit I'm beyond "suck it up". Sigh. Bordering on dehydration and calories are getting to be a concern.

I sobbed all the way home. I'm supposed to travel next week and I'm so run down, I just don't want to. I'm scared if I'm sick enough on the way there, I won't want to drive back. I just don't know what to do.

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Sad I'm so sorry... Maybe you could go ahead and get the line for some fluids and calories for a couple days before your trip. That could really make a difference in how you feel! I'm sorry you are so sick.

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I would take your doc up on the meds and fluids. It can make a huge difference. I hope u feel better soon!

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I agree, take the doctor up on the offer! I bet you'll feel like a new woman!

Chin up. I so hear you on feeling like your body has let you down. Not much longer now and our babies will be out exploring and we'll be back to 'normal'.

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((hugs)) I'm sorry you have it so rough...it's just not fair! I get fairly sick for the first half and still have some lingering nausea that comes and goes. But nothing like you've dealt with; just enough to know that it is miserable and I don't do well with pushing through it. I really don't function when I'm dealing with it. So sounds to me like you have done a great job.

I agree with the other ladies, let the doc give you the fluids and nutrients you need. It might get you some much needed strength to "fight another day". I hope you can get to feeling better and at the very least it's just 3 or so more months. Then you'll get a lovely bundle of joy as your prize at the end. Smile

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I agree with pp's. I think the fluids and calories could give you that boost you need to start feeling better.

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Doc told me twice that I'm bordering on being sent to L&D for fluids because I was so dehydrated. I don't drink a lot normally, so I didn't know I was dehydrated! But she got kind of cross the second time she told me.. so I'm doing better now. But I agree with everyone else, go ahead and get the fluids! My doc said it'd take about 2 hours...and that might make a WORLD of difference for you!

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Sad sorry to hear about the appt... hoping you start feeling better

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When I had the stomach flu a while back I went to the hospital for fluids since I knew I wouldn't be able to recover them quickly enough on my own. DH then started telling me I should get them weekly or more since it made such a difference! TAKE THE FLUIDS!