This Board Needs a BFP!!

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This Board Needs a BFP!!

And I happen to have one for you Wink

Got this 13 DPO. We'd been TTC actively for 6 months but wanting to TTC for well over a year. I'm a long time user but I've fallen off the map these last few months. Thought I'd drop in here to see if I could make some more lifelong friends like I did on my Oct 2010 board Smile

So, a little about me ... I'm 31. DD just turned 3. Her pregnancy was pretty uneventful. She was born in the water at the local birth center. She's a spunky & opinionated preschooler and I'm having such a hard time waiting to tell her she's going to be a big sister.

I'm feeling good. Sore boobies, little bit of heart burn, RLP, hoping m/s stays away from me this time. Sticky vibes please!!!

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Congrats! Sending sticky vibes!!

It's nice to meet you, I'm Jordan, 28, I have a DD who is 6 and a DS who is 4. Hoping for our BFP soon : )

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You've heard my congratulations before, now send me that baby dust Blum 3 Hopefully I get to stay as well

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I am due in June too! June 7th to be exact. I got a BFP on Wednesday last week. Very excited although it's a tiny bit of a surprise! I have a DS who is 5 and a DD who is 3. We are waiting to tell them until I hear the heartbeat.

Happy to be here with you anyways!! Smile

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Congrats to you both!! About time we seen some BFPs Smile

I'm hoping to be joining you both myself Smile


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Ditto what Wendy said! Wink

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Yahoo :jumpingbeans: :wootjump: :party: :pileon:

I've been wanting to use some those smileys! Smile Congrats again dear friend. I'm glad we get to share another set of kids so close in age.

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Woot woot! Congrats to you both!!!!

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Congrats!!! hh9m! I am testing tomorrow so I hope I can officially be here as well!!