Joining! My edd is June 19

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Joining! My edd is June 19


i am just over 5 weeks with my 4th. We had been trying for over a year and September was our deadline to stop...dh booked his vasectomy for Thursday! And voila! A bfp!

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Congratulations and good timing!!

June seems pretty slow as I'm sure you've gathered.... maybe see if May will have you Smile


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Yay! Melynda I'm so excited to see you here, so happy for you!

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Woot, woot!!! Congrats! Wow that was close. hehe. Welcome to June.

I'm due at the end of May but I lurk over here from time to time. I'm sure the ladies in may would love to chit chat with you. I'm sorry there's not more going on over here.

Anyway!! Congrats and welcome again!

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Hi Melynda! There are like 3 of us due in June. I've been hanging out in May since there's a larger group over there and because this baby might be a May baby if I do a repeat of T's gestation.