2 year molar check

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2 year molar check

How is it going in this department? I thought for sure Moriah would have at least her top ones by the time she was 1, but nothing yet...She has been sleeping like crap again (both for naps and at night time) so I want to say that these molars are the culprit.....

Oh, as I type this, I hear her upstairs wailing (that was a nice short nap, :confused:)

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What are molars?! Wink

I'm just getting to know what the eye teeth are. Still only ONE through here, the other 3 are whitish but might come in by the time she's 18!! Wink

Teeth suck!

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I have a hard time getting Sean to let me see way back in there, but I'm 99% sure we don't have any signs of them yet. I'll be so glad to get them out of the way (just in time for Cal to start teething, I'm sure :rolleyes:).

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Molars? Maybe that's what's wrong with Isabella. Lately, she's been part terror and part whine.

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Izzie has 1 all the way in, 1 partially, and 1 JUST starting to poke through. She was a breeze with almost all of her other teeth (I think only her eye teeth gave her trouble), but these two year molars are not so fun. It seems she'll have a night or two of horrible sleeping then the next morning the very tip of the molar makes its appearance.

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I would love to check but Leah won't let me in her mouth longer then brushing her teeth. I think when I brush them tonight I'll have to take a gander. As far as I know she doesn't have any of her 2 yr molars yet.

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The two year molars are killing us!

Cam has the two on the bottom about 99% of the way through. There was an entire month that he chewed on everything, sobbed most nights, and was getting up at least 2-3 times during the night again. No teeth have bothered him since the very first tooth. These are just awful for him.

We just had about 2 weeks of sane behavior from him after those two cut, and now he's back to chewing everything in sight and getting cranky here and there, so I'm wondering if the top ones are starting their descent now?