Allergy Momma's? Help! UPDATE

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Allergy Momma's? Help! UPDATE

We saw the doctor today. Thank goodness she does not think it is our cat.

She thinks because the hives and rash have only popped up in the summer that is may be an environmental allergen but it is definately an allergy.

Because of Hayleigh's age, she is going to try and get us a rush appointment to see an allergist. She gave us a list of the top allergens and asked us to start eliminating on a week by week basis until we see the allergist.

She did talk about laoding (when the allergy symptoms get worse with each additional exposure). she said to have no tolerance for it. If we see another rash (hives we just have to watch for now) to give her bendryl and take her to the children's hospital.

We were also told to watch for resipiratory symptoms but also gastrointestinal symptoms (I was not aware these could indicate allergy) because it can mean anaphylatic reaction.

Kind of scary but I am glad they are doing something even if it turns out to be nothing. She hasn't had any other symptoms except for her usual hives on her face since Thursday though.

Over the last few weeks Hayleigh has developed hives on her face at night and sometimes during the day. At first I thought it was sunscreen and found that Aveeno didn't give her the rashes during the day. She still developed hives at night - I still wasn't concerned (thinking it was a sun senstivity because she got them worse on the days she was in the sun).

Yesterday all day, she had 4 hives on her face but no other rashes. Late in the morning she told me her mouth hurt but I couldn't see anything wrong.

At dinner, she developed a solid red rash around her mouth and hives down her right arm. She also told me her mouth was hurting again. I made sure there was no tongue swelling and she was still talking and acting like herself. The rash also went away within half an hour.

She had nothing new for dinner or during the day. We do have a cat.

Does anyone have any idea why this would have flared up like that? I made an appointment to see our doctor but it scared me because of how fast it came on. Could she have sunddenly developed an allergy to our cat or a food she eats on a regular basis?


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Have you changed soaps - laundry detergent, bath soap, hand soap, etc?

Now, it is possible for allergies to develop suddenly. Is there any pattern with what you're eating and the hives? Are the dishes heavy in a common allergen?

Sorry... I'm not the best expert in this. Hopefully someone else will have better answers!

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I think Harmony hit all the bases. I am interested in your response. I hope you figure it out soon.

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Not sure, but I'm hoping I don't join you as an allergy mama... I gave Sean some peanut butter the other day (he has rarely had it and only in tiny amounts because he didn't like it). Well, he decided he liked it the other day, so DH gave him a spoonful of it, and he was eating it and his face around his mouth turned bright RED. Eeek... I've read that it can get worse with each subsequent exposure, so I'm a little nervous for him to try it again... :confused:

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Allergies can most definitely appear out of the blue without being previously allergic and can also get worse. I have always been able to eat seafood and take ibuprofen up until this last year when I suddenly became very allergic breaking out in hives and swelling severely. I have always been allergic to cats but it was manageable until this past couple of years when now it is extremely bad and I have to avoid them at all cost. I hope you quickly find out what is causing her hives and get it resolved.

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That must be frustrating and a little scary. I hope you find out soon what is causing it.

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I know you said that you weren't eating anything new.... but was there anything that your DD has had before but hasn't had recently? If you introduce something, then don't have it for awhile, then bring it back.... that can be a culprit.

I can understand how frustrating it can be. Hopefully you keep bennedryl on hand for future situations. It's good peace of mind.

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I'm glad that they will be helping you to figure out what is causing it, so that you can avoid it.

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I think I figured out what Hayleigh is allergic to... Sesame. Both times she has had hummus she has reacted. I have another appointment with our regular doc on Friday and the referral Is in for the allergist.