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Behavior Issues

So I'm ready to flip my lid and had an awesomely terrible day with DS. So first my vent:

E is a high energy child (even for his age), clumsy, all boy, into everything, intensely curious, independent and willful. He's also very loving, generally happy and makes everyone around him smile and laugh. I am READY TO KILL HIM today. tantrum after tantrum after tantrum, which gets DD crying too, plus she's teething - I'm ready to pull my hair out!!!!!! He often forgets the rules (no throwing items, wait for me to go down stairs, no climbing the bookcase etc.), we don't have many of them, but the ones we have that I won't bend are for safety reasons. He broke every one of them over and over today and knew he was doing it - evil laughing child GRRRRRRRRR. Also, the past two weeks he and DD have suddenly been jealous of each other and this is a very new thing - lots of crying and pushing, and stealing toys from each other going on. I know I need a break, but seriously, I just took Wednesday off work and sent them to daycare and did what I wanted to do for a day - that was 2 days ago and I want to leave again already!!!!!! OMG, what the heck am I going to do?

Why is he acting like this all of a sudden? He's always been more of a handful than other children his age, but it's like something flipped this week and he's really off the wall. Would you consider seeing a therapist (possibly even one who'd take the entire family) at the age he's at, or does he just need to be able to communicate better to make it worth the effort?

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I think it's all just part of being the age he is. Izzie has started the insane tantrum thing, and it's totally blowing people (daycare lady, grandparents - she doesn't do it TO them, just when I'm there) away because they've never seen anyrhing even remotely close that from her before.

And with 2 of them being the ages that they are (DD and DS are similar age difference as yours), a tantruming/whiney toddler mixed with a teething infant can EASILY drive you bonkers. Hang in there, remember to breathe (put them somewhere safe, crying or not, and go sit in a rooom with the door closed by yourself for 2 minutes :)).

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Joey has been having a few more temper tantrums lately. He does the 180 flip in like 2 seconds. He will be playing and having fun and then all of a sudden he is throwing the item across the room and screaming angry. I usually don't even know what sets him off.

Laura has a great point. Mommy time outs are a very good thing!! Hope things settle down for you soon.

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"tink9702" wrote:

Would you consider seeing a therapist (possibly even one who'd take the entire family) at the age he's at, or does he just need to be able to communicate better to make it worth the effort?

No. I don't think therapy is warranted or will really help here. They are just being normal healthy kiddos Kids are hard because they constantly test. They go through phases where they follow the rules, and then a month later it seems like they have to test them all over again. I mean really, all the girls know that jumping on the couches is NOT acceptable behavior. Yet at least once every couple days one of the three is doing just that and getting into trouble. You just have to do what you can to be consistent and not lose your cool. Sometimes the only answer is a break, or a trade.

Earlier this week the kids were up for HOURS in the middle of the night. Literally we were up for 3 hours. First one kid, then the next, then the next, then the first... I'm scared, I need to potty etc... We were tag teaming them but at 3 am DH lost his cool. He was FURIOUS and screaming at the top of his lungs at Mia because she was "trying to make poop" and he was mad because he felt she was stalling. I had to take over with her and give DH a time out of sorts because if she didn't get off the pot in 5 seconds, he was going to spank her. She was crying that she had to make poop and didn't want to go back to bed because she wasn't done. After the fact he felt SO BAD that he let himself get that worked up and mad. We're trying to get them to go potty at night when they need to so they stop wetting the bed. Mia wasn't really being bad, but we had been up for hours and DH lost sight of the potty training goal. He just wanted everyone back in bed, especially him. Sometimes kids know how to push all the buttons.

Speaking of buttons... while writing this I had to stop because my 2 year old had trapped one of my 3 year olds in the toy box. She was sitting on in and refused to let her out. I had to give Ana a time out and free the trapped one. Seriously? Distracted for a few minutes ans all hell breaks loose >

I need to take all three shopping for turkey day dinner in a few. Wish me luck~

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Oh dear - I can so sympathize with you on this. A couple of weeks ago DD was a crazy lady. EVERYTHING was a struggle - and I think I even posted a venting thread on this board about it - we were at our whits end. Turns out she was sick, ear infection, after we got her on meds for a few days she got much better. Not that she doesn't have tantrums anymore, but that rough patch is over. So here's hoping this rough patch doesen't last long for you either.

I agree with PP that therapy is probably not warranted. I guess this is why they call it the terrible twos huh?

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Things are a little better. He's still "difficult" but it's not every second of every day and I'm in a better place mentally I guess to deal with it. I'm considering going to therapy for myself now actually. I went years ago to deal with stuff about my father and I think I might need to go back. Having kids is bringing out memories that I think I need to deal with and it might help. Anyway, thanks for all the support ladies! It's nice to know almost all toddlers are crazy! Smile

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I'm glad things are better. And definitely do speak to someone if you feel you need it. They may be able to suggest ways for you to keep your sanity even while the kids are pushing every button.

Kaia is a handful which I hope is just the age. Literally, if I turn my back on her she is up to something. She isn't exactly naughty, at least, not willfully, but she certainly does get in to a lot of trouble.