Being Difficult - Tips and advice needed!

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Being Difficult - Tips and advice needed!

DD is just plain being difficult. No matter what it is... changing diaper, getting dressed, what to wear, what to eat, when to eat, where to eat... everything! It seems mostly about asserting her independence and testing limits. We haven't been using time outs for this because she hasn't really been disobeying.... it's more just wanting to do things for herself and at her own pace.

Is she too young for some kind of chart or checklist? I'm thinking about the morning when we really don't have time.... maybe I could put something together that she can check off... change diaper, get dressed, brush hair etc ... then she can put a check mark or sticker next to it when she's done. Do you think they would get that? Or maybe an egg timer - a race to complete everything within x minutes.

Lost for ideas and it's been a frustrating week. Any advice is appreciated!

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I have a question for you - do you let her do any tasks herself? If you gave her the choice to pick out clothes would she let you put them on etc.? With DS I am letting him pick his own clothes and help put them on (put his arm out, pull the pants up, zip the coat). it seems to give him his need to control a little bit but we still get out the door in reasonable time. Can you get up a little earlier to leave more time for things like this? IMHO it is something you want her to be able to do independently at some point, so teaching her bits of it now might not be a bad thing.

As far as the checklist goes, if it works sure, but if the problem is that she just takes too much time and not that she doesn't do activities, not sure how much that would help. I've heard the egg timer can make a real difference, plus it's harder to argue with the timer than it is with mom! LOL

I also try to stay firm but not yell when things get difficult. It's hard for me because I'm quick to temper so when I'm frustrated I start to blow, but keeping my cool helps immensely to keep him moving and accomplish tasks. I keep reminding myself it's not directed at me, he just wants to do things for himself, it's not because he's out ot get me! Wink

The toddler years seem to be much more difficult than baby stage! Good luck!