Ben has pneumonia

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Ben has pneumonia

Ben's had a cold for maybe 5 days. It's the second one in the past month. He had quite a phlegmy cough this morning, but other than that seemed fine. Picked the kids up after work and right away I knew he was either very tired or not feeling great. Temp was 101.8. Then he started with the rapid, grunty breathing and went all lethargic and fussy. Took him to urgent care, waited maybe an hour, went in and his temp was 104. He got Tylenol and eventually his temp went down, went for a chest xray and the doctor came back in and said he had pneumonia in his right lung. He actually showed me the xray on the computer and I could see how that lung looked cloudy and spotty compared to the left. He also has a very red throat but no signs of pus. So he's on Zithromax. It's quite a strong antibiotic and he's never had it before so I'm a bit on edge about how he's going to tolerate it. They gave him a fairly large first dose at the clinic, and we're supposed to treat his fever quite aggressively alternating Advil and Tylenol every 4 hours.

Yeah, so just when I think we're all in the clear (at least for a while) after the adenoid surgery and tubes, tonsillitis, etc. then WHAM!!!!! Seriously. I must've really pi$$ed someone off in a previous life or something. But if that's the case at least they could punish me and not my kids!!!!!

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Awww. Poor Ben. I hope he feels better soon.

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Aww, poor Ben can't seem to catch a break. I hope he gets better quickly. :bighug:

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Poor little guy! Hope he feels better soon and that the medicine doesn't take too much of a toll on him.

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Oh no, the poor little guy! He really has had a rough trot. I hope he gets better quickly.

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Sad I hope he feels better quick! My DD has been sick for a week. I took her in and they said "viral infection" sounds like same symptoms as what Ben has. I was concerned my DD had it too cuz I just got over bronchitis and pnemonia 2 weeks ago. I know ALOT of people and kids who have pnemonia right now and RSV

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That really sucks.. poor guy! I hope he feels better soon!

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Poor little man! He's gone through so much Sad

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I saw this on Facebook! Poor Ben and poor Mom.

This has nothing to do with his other problems right? He was feeling fairly good for the last couple of weeks I thought

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I hope that he's on the mend now!!! Poor Ben!! Hope you're getting some sleep too!!

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Poor Ben, and it must really be wearing on you! I hope he's feeling better soon!

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Poor Ben, I hope he feels better soon!

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How's Ben today? I hope he is feeling better!!! :bigarmhug:

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Coming in on this late....I'm hoping by now that the Zithromax really helped him and he's feeling much better. It's so tough when they're sick. Let's hope the spring weather makes an appearance soon so you guys can catch a break, hopefully, from all these colds and illnesses. :bigarmhug:

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Ben is doing better. Thanks for your well wishes for him:D. Zithromax is done and his appetite is starting to return. That stuff really nukes the tummy, and I was giving him Bio-K probiotic to try to keep the diarrhea at bay. His cough is quite loose now, which is great. He's finally able to get that nasty stuff out. He did develop pretty bad stridor during the worst of it, and I had to give him his FloVent a couple times. Also, DH made the grim discovery that he forgot to change the furnace filter a couple MONTHS ago.:eek: You should have seen the dust that collected on it. I think that was probably a contributing factor. It was nasty and DH feels terrible.

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Glad to hear that he is feeling better!

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I hope he it 100% by now. I am sorry you had to deal with all of that. Moriah is getting over a nasty case of RSV. I really thought that she might have had pneumonia as a complication but diagnosed her with bronchiolitis.

How is your DD? Is she staying healthy.

That makes me wonder about the furnace filter too!!! I need to have Dh check our ours. Thanks for the reminder!