The big move is tomorrow!

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The big move is tomorrow!

Tomorrow the crib, toddler bed and dresser are gone - we sold them and they're being picked up in the morning. The kids will both be in their own single beds as of tomorrow night! DD is a piece of cake - she's been in a toddler bed for almost 2 years now, so it's not a stretch to go to a single. Ben, on the otherhand, has me on edge. He's been in a crib all this time and never really tried to climb out. I think it will take many nights before he will stay in bed and not be jumping, falling off, getting out, etc. Please send some "keep your a$$ in bed" vibes my son's direction!!!! Wink

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Sending a$$ vibes your way! I hope you had better luck than we did!

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Good luck! We had a rough start with Josie in the big bed as she seemed to think the whole getting out of bed thing was a game. I think finally deciding to lock her door (so she couldn't run out and make it a game) was what made a difference, I kinda wish we had've done that sooner. It's been about 2 months now though since she first went into a bed and she's really quite good now. Smile

ETA - I should clarify that she's only really good at night bedtime. Getting her to voluntarily go to sleep for a day nap in the bed is still a nightmare. It usually results in me cuddling her to sleep after she gets to the point of being really tired (usually 1.30/2pm).

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Good luck... you are a braver woman than I! I wonder if you could just put the mattress on the floor first if you're worried about him falling?

Kieran is still in his crib, but MIL is watching them for a few days while we go away for our anneversary in a couple weeks. She has 2 toddler beds set up in her spare bedroom for when she watches BIL's twins and she said she might try to put Kieran to sleep in there. I am very curious to see how he does! We still have to order the conversion kit for his crib to change it to a toddler bed.

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Good luck!

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Good luck Lis! I hope it's a relatively easy transition for you all.

Laney's still in a crib without ever trying to get out either. I think we changed the crib to the toddler bed setting shortly before Laney was born, Cadi would have been about Laney's age now - but she was trying to escape, too. I think I'll wait as long as I can. Someday I want the bunkbeds below, but for the foreseeable future, Laney is way too much a fearless monkey to trust with an upper level in the room! But the extra storage in the stairs will be great since they're sharing a bdrm Smile

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Wow Lisa (bassicmama) that bunk bed is amazing!!!!

Good luck with the switch today Lisa!!! Smile Let us know how it goes! Smile

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That is a really neat idea for a bunkbed!

Anyway, good luck with the change tonight! Have you considered putting a bed rail on while he gets used to the bed?