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Thread: Birthday Plans?

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    Default Birthday Plans?

    I feel like I am so behind! Miles will be 2 on the 1st and I haven't even started planning his party yet! We are going to do a Thomas the train theme because my kid is obsessed! We've also been thinking about getting him a bike for his big present. I think I will probably have just a big family get together like we did for his 1st. Anyone else planning for their birthday's?

    Baby girl due in October!

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    We are just having a small family get-together with cake.

    This is the present we will get her because she loves tents so much:
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    We already had our party. We did it a week after Cam's birthday. We had both our families and a few of Cam's little friends. He had a blast playing with his friends.

    We also got him a bike for his present.

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    We will be having him and his brother's party the day before their birthday (they share a birthday) since it falls on a Sunday this year. We will have a Sponge Bob theme party since they both love Sponge Bob, we will have someone dressed as Sponge Bob come for an hour to take pictures and play with the kids. We are getting him a Sponge Bob mini-atv and his brother a Scooby Doo motorcycle. I can't believe we have 3 weeks until their birthday and party I'm so unprepared this year because of all the wedding planning I have been doing. I still need to buy and send out invitations this week, order their cake this week, arrange the costume, and buy their presents.
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    No party here for 2 reasons:

    1. We assumed we would own a house by now, but since we're still looking for our perfect place, I just don't have the room at our apt. to do a party.
    2. I cannot fathom doing a birthday party with a newborn! Yikes!

    So, we'll celebrate her birthday as a family, and have cake and a present of some sort. Beyond that, I think what I plan to do is invite our families to come to the zoo with us for the day in lieu of buying her tons of silly toys we don't have room for. The admission cost is pretty high, so I can't afford to do some sort of organized zoo party. But a nice laid back day at the zoo where we all just hang out together as a family would be nice. And 3 weeks after delivery that shouldn't be a problem at all for me. In theory. It will take so little planning, and right now that's right up my alley.
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    Moriah will be 2 on the 1st as well. I just started planning. Last year, I did this HUGE party at our house. It was way too much work! This year, we have invited a few families who have little ones who Moriah interacts with regularly. We are going to have a cookout at a local park. I want it to be pretty laid back and waaaay less stressful this time!
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    The day of Maria's birthday, we'll be flying across the ocean!!!

    Another friend of Maria has his birthday party the week before, so I'm not sure if we're going to do anything. Probably just a family bday and get her extra special things on our trip!
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    On her actual birthday (Friday June 3) we're going to have a small family thing at our house for those that can come (my dad, my mom, and maybe my SIL, for example, aren't going to be able to be there). We'll dress up in traditional Korean hanbok and take pictures. We'll also probably do the cake then.

    The next day, Saturday, my parents will come over for another small celebration. It won't be very elaborate - much more laid-back than even the day before.

    But we don't do birthdays big in my family, anyway!
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    I've reserved a pavilion at our park, there's a toddler splash pad next to it that should be fun. Mid-June in MS is hot hot hot!!

    We're doing a flip flop splash theme (I love parties!!). Mostly we'll just have family come and eat cake and cool off in the water. There are grills at the park so the most we may do are some hamburgers and hotdogs.

    Here's a couple of links of what I've gotten done so far.
    the plates:

    the park/splash pad
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    We're keeping it small this year. Our families both live 1.5-2 hours away, so we don't feel right asking them all to come here for a party. So last year we went to them. We had a party at my parents' house the weekend before his birthday for all my family. Then the following weekend, we had a party for DH's family at his parents' house. It was a lot of work. This year, it would be even harder to do it that way because I have to work the weekend after his birthday. So we'd have to do it all in one weekend before his birthday, and that's just too much with two little ones. Soooo... We're probably just going to have a small party at our house for the grandparents and anyone else who wants to attend.

    For his big present, we might be going together with both sets of grandparents to buy him a really sweet amish-made playset for the yard (with swings, slides, etc). The kid LOVES playing outside, but our yard is so boring, hahah. And with two boys now, we're going to need something for them to burn some energy on.

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