Blah phase of life

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Blah phase of life

We're going through a bit of a bumpy road and just need a little vent.

  • DH hates his job. He has been better about not bringing his feelings home, but I know how miserable he is and feel so bad for him.
  • Our house is on the market and we god an offer :woohoo: but the offer was WAY low and the buyer didn't respond to our counter offer.
  • My job is crazy and stressful -my boss left the company and his boss's position was eliminated so I'm doing multiple jobs w/o any guidance. Feeling overwhelmed

Related to the first bullet - DH calls me yesterday and says he's interested in an open position with the company ON THE OTHER SIDE OF THE COUNTRY!!! I work from home and could get approval to work anywhere. But what a change that would be moving away from the area we have known and loved so long. Not to mention that we're close to family here and they've been a big help taking care of DD. There is a lot to think about and consider.

I feel a little lost and sad for some reason. I don't know what I want. I'm uncertain about if/when this house will sell and at what price. And if it does sell what should we do? Rent until we figure things out I guess.... I'm ready to have another baby but feel like I need to hold my plans until things are more settled. BLAH. Ugh. Meh. Hem.

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What a rough position. Wish I had some words of wisdom, but I really don't. :bigarmhug:

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Ugh... I know/hate that feeling. I can't imagine uprooting my life and moving to the other side of the country. I mean, I guess if it meant your DH might not be miserable in his job, it might be worth it... But I don't know. I can't imagine leaving the family that is nearby.

I was just talking to DH the other day about how difficult it is to sell a house right now. I swear it's like people can't give them away. The house right next to ours has been empty for about a year and a half now. It's a nice house, 4-br and one of the bigger ones in our neighborhood, in good condition, and built less than 10 years ago... They keep lowering the price to where it is dirt cheap, and still no one has bought it. I know several other people who have been trying for many, many months to sell their houses with no luck. I'd love to sell ours, but I won't even list it now because I know we wouldn't get anywhere near what we paid for it. It's SO difficult to try to sell right now, so I feel for you there...

Anyway, so sorry you're in a rough patch. I hope you figure out a solution that will make the both of you happy. KUP on what happens!

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I'm sorry to hear things are a bit blah for you guys right now. I can understand having concerns about moving to the other side of the country - when life is busy/hectic/stressful and you have a child (and thinking of adding another to the family), I know being close to family for support and assistance is critical. I hope you get some joy on the house-sale front soon, selling a house is stressful in itself!

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I am sorry you are still having a rough time.

I couldn't imagine making a decision to move across the country. Please let us know what you decide!

Hang in there!

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Hugs. We are in a similar position to your family right now. I'm kind of more like your DH though. I HATE my job. Loathe it. BUT, it's great money. Therein lies the problem - the money is enough to keep me here even though I'm terribly unhappy, so I can't just up and quit without another great paying job lined up. I say we should leave here altogether and move back east where houses are way cheaper and where DH can get transferred with his company, but he won't leave his family and friends. Thing is, his family is just so much drama and fighting but he feels this huge responsibility to stay close by, like he'd be letting everyone down. We're letting our kids down, we really are.

I've moved across the country before, my parents moved to another country years ago, so doing that kind of thing isn't all that difficult for us, but nobody in DH's family has ever left, or will ever leave.