Book exchange!

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Book exchange!

I know this was mentioned a couple weeks ago and I received a request for it and am wondering if anyone else would like to 'play'!!

Here is an example of the letter that goes out! I would love to do this if anyone else wants to, too!

Welcome to our children's book exchange! This is NOT a chain letter, but a fun way to get some great books to read!

In order to take part in the fun, here is what Mommy or Daddy must do:

1. Send one new book to the child who is listed as #1 below.

2. With the blank copy of this letter sent to you:

a.) Make one copy and move my name to the Child #1 space, and put your name in the Child #2 space. Include names, mailing address, and age.

b.) Make another blank copy.

3. Send (email) the completed letter and blank copy to six friends.

A manila envelope will work well to mail the book. Another option is to order it online through a site like or Once you have sent out your letters, you should soon receive 36 NEW books! You will only need to send out one book, and receive 36 in return.

If you cannot complete this in a week or two, please let (my mommy) know, seldom does anyone drop out because children LOVE to read!

Child 1:

Child 2:

Any takers?