Booster Car Seats

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Booster Car Seats

Hi All - I keep banging DD's head when I put her in the car (although she normally climbs in herself... sometimes she likes to be carried). Anyway, I noticed in the car seat section that booster seats start at 30lbs. Wondering when if you all plan to switch and if anyone's already done the research on safety ratings etc. There really isn't a need for me to switch her right now, but it sure would be convenient and easier.

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Are you looking at a true booster (with seatbelt) or a 5 point harness high backed booster? I'd be okay with switching to the later, but not the former with a 3 year old. IMHO a 3 year old is not safe enough with just a seat belt no matter how tall or what their weight is. The issue is that they don't stay still enough to keep the seat belt where it should be - on their hips and shoulder (not belly and neck).

I just have DS climb in himself. Sometimes I'll carry him to the car and them put him down for him to climb into the seat.
Another idea is to get a Convertible Radian - much lower profile so much lower in the car and therefore less head bumping. Then they could be in the Radian until I think it's 80lbs so you could just skip the booster step and move them right to a seatbelt or just the little booster without the backing which is really cheap.

Also check your state's laws to see if they have a minimum weight/height to be in a booster. Some states do.