Booster Seat?

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Booster Seat?

I noticed today that Nicholas has just about outgrown his back-up convertible car seat that we have as a spare in my car. Instead of getting another convertible we are thinking about getting a booster that can be our main car seat once Nicholas outgrows his current regular convertible (or rather, once Emily needs it LOL). Any recommendations? I would like one with a 5 point harness if they are available.

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Both my 3 year old and 5 year old are in the graco Nautilus. My 3 year old has been in it since she was 2. It is technically a convertible but its an older kid one. It does a 5 point harness booster up to 65 lbs and then a high back booster with seatbelt to 100lb and a low back (the back comes off) booster till 100 lbs.

its even on sale at TRU

I looked into the Britax Frontier which is a 5 point and a seatbelt boster but its more $$$ and all the reviews on the Nautilus (on the carseat websites ect) say its a great carseat. I like that it goes to 65lbs in a 5 point, my 5 year old is still in the 5 point and is no where near the limit.

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Angela - what kind of convertible do you have that he's outgrowing it this fast? Just curious because I thought most convertibles at least went to 45lbs.

No recommendations on a booster, but have you looked into the Radian carseats? They go to 80lbs and should get you until you can just get a low back booster which is really cheap. Just a thought!

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We have an el cheapo cosco seat that I got from Kmart. It goes to 30lbs and 36'' so Nicholas has just outgrown it.

Thanks Kim for the recommendation on Nautilus. That is the one I was leaning towards as there are all of 2 choices and the Evenflo doesn't have the best reviews. I don't mind spending a decent amount of money as Nicholas' current "good" carseat (The first years convertible) will turn into Emily's once she outgrows the infant seat.

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We just had this issue last week. My 10 month old needs to move to a convertible, so I'm giving him the Britax Marathon that Kieran was in. Actually I was going to just buy them both new seats because the Marathon is old (my cousin gave it to me after her LO grew out of it) but the ones I chose (Evenflo Titan Elite) were too small!! Not weight-wise but in height. Kieran is very tall and his shoulders were just even (maybe a little above) the top shoulder slot. Even Rowan was on the second one down from the top and surely he will grow more.

So anyway. I ended up going with the Graco Nautilus that pp posted. It's very tall so no worries about him growing out of it any time soon, and it has a high weight limit too. Since it converts to a high back and then low back booster, he basically will never need another car seat! It also seems comfortable and I like the cup holder.

Rowan is in the Marathon, which Kieran did still fit in height-wise. There's nothing actually wrong with it, so I am not sure when I'll get another one. I don't know if there are convertibles that go from RF to booster seats so that I wouldn't have to buy another one in a year or two (the nautilus only FF). Or if I should just keep him in that until I'm ready to FF him (I'd like to wait as long as possible) then get another nautilus or one like it.