Cautiously Announcing....

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Cautiously Announcing....

I'M PREGNANT AGAIN! I really do feel like the boy that cried wolf announcing my last two and then losing I'm asking for lots of sticky vibes, thoughts, prayers....whatever your style is. I can use all the hope and well wishes I can get!!!

And to those who are facebook friends.....SHHHHHHHHH! lol

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Super sticky vibes!!! Biggrin

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OMG, I have been routing for you hun!!!

CONGRATS - mega sticky vibes n prayers being sent your way!!!


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I really, really hope this one sticks!!! :goodluck:

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Congrats, and lots of sticky vibes!

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So exciting Erin! Sending lots of sticky vibes your way!

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Good Luck!! Sending lots and lots of sticky vibes!!!

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Congrats...sending sticky vibes

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Congratulations! HH9M! *Tons of super sticky vibes coming your way*

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Tons of sticky vibes!! Hope this is it for you!

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Congrats!! Sticky vibes coming your way!