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changing a boy

I need some advice from those of you who have boys. A few times now, Kanen has peed with diaper on and it has gotten on his on his belly. I was using pampers and didn't notice this happening but started using huggies as they were on sale. I've made sure that the diaper is not lose around his waste. Am I doing something wrong or is there something I should be doing? Maybe I will try pampers again and see if it still happens. Any advice????

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Make sure his penis is pointing down before you do up the dipe.

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I was going to say the same thing as Lisa. Also, I only had good luck with pampers for Josh. May have been a coincidence but who knows. Good luck.

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I had issues with Huggies too, Miles leaked through them EVERY TIME he wore them! :confused: He's never leaked through Pampers even today. But like the girls said also point it down...that took us a while to figure out lol.

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Yes, make sure it's pointed down and 'centered'.

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We've had leaking with Huggies, too - for both Max and Izzie.

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I agree, point his penis down! Otherwise he pees up out of the diaper.

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I agree with previous posts. We used Pampers in the beginning but now just go with store brand at Walmart......cheaper and it does the trick. The only leaks he has had is at night and it's usually FULL before it leaks. But yes, point down.

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So far with Milo I have had that issue but in the back and only ever on his left side. For us, it's how the diaper fits him. In our case it was that his belly is so fat but his legs are so skinny, and it seems like the diapers are a little loose around the legs. Different brands fit differently, and then within the brand, different types fit differently too. Definitely never had this issue with a girl, but with him it seems I need to find the perfect fitting diaper or else we leak. Right now Pampers Baby Dry work really well with the least amount of leaks, with Huggies Snug and Dry a close second. You may need to try different brands to see what works best for him. Zoey was all about Pampers until size 4, when Huggies was the only brand that worked well for her.

Also, point downward as PPs have said.