Changing clothes for the new season..

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Changing clothes for the new season..

This is going to be TORTURE with Maria!

I don't remember it being this bad when we had to move from fall clothes to winter clothes, but then she was much younger and now she's much more verbal! Wink

I have tried to get her into dresses, capris, even tshirts and she fights all the way. It has to be socks, pants and a long sleeved shirt.

Are there any other LOs out there doing this? I might just have to hide all the winter stuff sometime so she'll have no choice but to wear summery clothes!

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Oh my gosh!!!!!! I am having similar issues with Moriah!!!!!! I tried getting her into shorts today and she fought me. Then, in the evening I tried to put a dress on her and I couldn't do it. I needed DH to help me hold her down!

She is fine with a top and her stretchy pants, but anything else and she acts like I am torturing her.

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I've been putting Zoey in short sleeves, and she cries and asks me to pull her sleeves down! It lasted about a week.

Zoey is very opinionated too about what she wears. Little Divas!

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That's kinda funny! Maybe she'll see Jena wearing dresses or shorts and want to do what she is doing? Miles is completely opposite...he'll put anything on just to get outside! He doesn't care what it is, as long as he can go out! The only thing he didn't like was overalls...he kept trying to rip them off!

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We haven't had any trouble but she still likes to put on hat and mitts in the morning!

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LOL!!! The first time I put shorts on Sean, he was not a fan. He kept trying to pull them down over his legs like he felt naked, hahahah...

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Izzie did the same thing as Zoey for a while, she'd try and pull down her short sleeves saying "sleeves, roll it!" And whining. Then yesterday I put shorts on her and she stands up, looks at her legs and says "where pants go?" Haha.

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Ben couldn't care less as long as it takes minimal time and he can get out the door. Claire, on the other hand, is VERY particular and spends a great deal of time picking out the 'perfect' outfit. Thankfully she loves summer clothes - tanks, capris, hats, flip flops.

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Sounds like the girls are having more issues with this than the boys.

Cam doesn't really seem to notice. The first day he wore shorts he looked down kind of surprised and said "Knee???" and then looked at the other one and said "Knee!"
And that was the end of it.

He doesn't really seem to notice what he's wearing. He does take his socks back off every day after I put them on now because I think he's too hat. And he does still ask for his 'hat' to go outside from the habit of doing it during winter.

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Well A must be a boy, then, because she never gives us any grief about her summer clothes. Wink

Over the winter, though, oh boy! She hated wearing long-sleeved shirts for the longest time. She scratched and clawed at her wrists and tried to take the shirts off her head. But she did eventually get used to it.

Of course, she'd still rather just run around naked. Wink

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Isabella could care less what she's wearing as long as she thinks she's cute. But as soon as we get home, she starts stripping the clothes off. Basically her outfit at home is a diaper, shoes, and a hairbow. You know the essentials.

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hahaha this is kinda funny because we're experiencing the opposite seasons, so Josie has been used to running around practically naked (if not naked) so she's been a bit of trouble in terms of getting enough clothes on to keep her warm with this cooler weather.

"April777" wrote:

Zoey is very opinionated too about what she wears. Little Divas!

My DD1 is extremely opinionated about what she should wear ....usually inappropriate for the weather or what we are doing but she won't take no for an answer. Of course, like everything, Josie is copying and now demanding to wear particular items/outfits or a tantrum ensues.... :rolleyes: