Check in and WOW!!

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Check in and WOW!!

Hi all!

Happy birthday day to all the LO's! I cannot believe they are turning 2! That is just TOO crazy.

ELVs to the ladies who are expecting - I am stalkiing most of you Wink

Congrats to those who have had babies since Feb. - sorry i am not on here much anymore....when I went back to work - life got really hard. In addition to being the breadwinner and the primary caregiver in the home - my husbands summer schedule is crap. 7 days a week he is gone from either 10-10 or 12-10 and it is awful! We miss him and I was getting so exhausting keeping up with the house and kids and everything. But I am off for the summer now so its getting easier!

As for the "Wow" part of my post:

WOW! My 2 kids could not be more different and I can't believe it. Liam is the #1 playdate pick for most of my friends because he is SO high energy they often leave here and their kiddos sleep for 3+ hours. I love him so much and he is speaking in complete (4+) word sentences a lot of the time. He is curious as the day is long and just a joy...well, not a joy- he makes me want to pull out all my hairs one by one - but in a good way Wink Toddlers - can't live with em....can't make them get a job Blum 3 He is still a crappy sleeper but we are making some leeway with that. He was getting really bad and we could not understand what was going on. We took him to the doctor to make sure it was not ears or sickness or anything and he checked out fine (well he has asthma but they think he will grow out of it). So we asked and he said, "Snakes get eeum in bed" and "that bed bug get in my mouth" - so we think he is having nightmares. We got him a brighter night light and for 3 nights he has gone 10 hours uninterrupted. I heard him the other morning around 4am when I was nursing Eloise and he woke up and cried a little then said "Light on - go way snakes!!" then he must have gone back to sleep. let's hope that trend continues

Eloise is a joy! What a different kiddo than him. She is laid back and happy and I swear the child only cries when she is hungry! nursing is going very well but pumping at work was not. The last 2 weeks we had to supplement with formula during the day b/c she was on a 6 oz bottle and I was only getting 4-5 oz at a time at the pump. i could have gotten up over night to pump once but with her sleeping 6-8 hours a night and his frequent wakings and earling rising i just could not pull myself to do it. we are back on nursing all the time now and I pump once a day to build up a supply for the fall....its awesome and I really hope she does not ween for a LOOOOOONG time Smile

Well - I hope I can get on to check and see how everyone is doing more often. Please update me if you choose to comment on this thread! I would love to hear how everyone is doing! I am going to try to read some of the 2yr old stats.

OH! Speaking of that....the hubs and I are on Weight Watchers (He is down 18 and I am down 16 in about 9 weeks) and we weigh in every Friday - well Liam weighs in, too, and he is currently 29.5 pounds and proud of it Blum 3 He is so funny....we write our weight on the mirror with a dry erase marker and he does the same (a scribble of course).

Speaking of weight, E is currently 15 lbs @ 3 and half months is that for chunker baby?? She is too sweet and cute though - all those rolls!!

Can't wait to hear from you!!

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Wow - loved reading your update! Sounds like our kiddos are the exact opposite.

Cam and Riley are also as different as night and day, but it's Cam who was our laid back amazingly easy baby and Riley is our high maintenance sleep disaster. Smile She's actually not bad at nights, but she is a horrible napper, which is to say...her naps are almost nonexistent. Smile

Riley is 12lbs even at 3.5 months old. Smile It's really funny when I compare in their baby books they are within ounces of each other each time. At 3 months old they were both exactly 11lbs8oz.

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Sounds like you have been one busy mama lately! I hope you are able to get some resting time for yourself.

Izzie and Max are opposites as well - only Izzie was the easy, breezy baby and Max is a bit of a pill. Izzie was sleeping through the night (on her own) at 3 months. Max takes about an hour of bouncing/walking/swaying to fall asleep, THEN we have to put him into the swing for about 20-30 minutes, THEN we can try and move him into his crib. From there, it's a guessing game as to whether or not he'll stay asleep. And naps - well shoot, I only know what those are because Izzie stills takes one, haha. If we're out and about, Max will sleep happily in his carseat But if we're at home, it's very hit and miss if he'll nap - and normally a nap for him will only last about 20-30 minutes. But, they are both the same in the sense that when Max is in a good mood, he's a happy, talking, giggling baby just like his sister was. As far as size, Max is my little chunker at 17 lbs and 26 inches long (4.5 months old). He is 2 lbs and 2 inches ahead of his sister when she was this age!

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Our kids sound so similar! Sean is our crazy high-energy one and Cal is the calm one that only cries when hungry. Total polar opposites! I'm anxious to see if it'll stay that way as they grow or if they'll be more similar. I'm still EP-ing for Cal... Still sad at times that nursing didn't work out again, for the SECOND time. Two totally different reasons, too. *Sigh* Third time's a charm, right? ... Wink (No, that winky face doesn't mean I'm pregnant again, LOL!)

Poor Liam and his fear of snakes! Makes you wonder where that comes from. Glad the night light is helping. We still have both kids (and the dog) sleeping in our bed, OMG. Sean was doing so well with the toddler bed before Cal was born, then it all went to crap (totally our fault... having them both in bed with us just made it easier for us to get more sleep). Not sure what we're going to do now, hahaha...

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Sounds like you all are doing well despite the differences in your babies. My cousin has 2 and she told me to get the wild one out of the way first (as if I had any control over it)....but I did - and I am happy it worked out that way.

I am so frustrated with him right now. Don't get me wrong - I love my child (though he makes it VERY hard sometimes) and I feel so blessed that he is a healthy child - but he was up 5 times last night. At the least he was calling out for us "I want my Daddy" and "I want my Mommy" for 25 minutes, at the longest it was calling out for us and crying for 1 hour and 15 minutes:mad: He was not scared, he even said at one point "I want in you bed!!!" so I know that is all he wants, which is crazy b/c we have been uber strict about not putting him in there. If we break down and go in to get him he has to stay in the nighty night chair with us.

I think the hardest part of it all is that Eloise went to sleep @ 9:00p.m. last night and slept until 4:45 a.m. in her crib, nursed and is still asleep right now (8:30 a.m.).....and here I am playing with him on the couch, listening to him be all whiney and sad b/c he can't get his toys just right....but mostly because he is tired. Its like a snowball rolling down a hill when he has a night like last night. He is fussy b/c he did not get enough sleep, he acts whiney and onery all day long, I get frustrated super easily b/c I did not get a good nights sleep and fuss at him for every little thing - I just don't konw how to fix it!

Anyway...enough about that! I am happy to hear that we are all adjusting to this 2 kiddo thing and that I am not the only one having issues Wink