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Christmas Presents

So has anyone started Christmas shopping? I am stuck on what to get Sofia so I need ideas. LOL. What is everyone doing?

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yes, but you probably have everything we are getting Ethan since you have your DS! The second child is difficult to shop for! Wink

excavator truck
garbage truck
alphabet & number puzzles
artwork stuff (crayons, markers etc.)
Duplo set
grandpa is getting him a cool play-doh set

does she have a play kitchen? what does she currently play with and love?

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Well, this year for Izzie we're doing the Barbie! She "borrowed" one from my mom's house and it now goes everywhere with her, even has a little sleeping bag on her nightstand for bedtime and naps, haha. So, we're going to get her a Barbie and some accessories. She's also going to get a set of animal masks. She has a couple that are the foam ones from, like Oriental Trading or something like that. She loves for us to crawl around and pretend to be animals. But they're cheap and falling apart. So I found a nice fabric set in a catalog with about 7 or 8 different animals. And, I also found a Melissa and Doug set at Sam's Club that has a shoe, for tying laces, a clock, and some other learning thing but I forget. Now Max is the tough one, haha. I'm thinking of getting them, as their "joint" gift, a nice set of those wooden building blocks. I remember my brother and I used to play with those for hours! I just don't know if mine are too young for them?

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She has a kitchen. She loves it. She also has barbies. I did buy her a car for her barbies. Now just to think of a couple more things.

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broom and dustpan?
bath stuff? like a special towel or body paints or bath books...

I've decided to make a habit of getting the kid(s) slippers for Christmas.

That mask idea is really cute. I've also liked the idea of animal hats - similar to a mask, but a little more practical.

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Joey's big gift is going to be a thomas the train table. I have a few sets of Pj's and some books and puzzles.

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We're getting a train table too! He LOVES trains, Thomas, etc and plays with the ones he has all the time. I also want to get him an easel with paints, chalk, markers, magnets etc; matchbox cars, a potty, some books, random odds and ends like socks and shoes. What I'm stuck on is Rowan- he already plays with all Kieran's toys!

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We got Nicholas:

-Soccer ball
-Tons of books
-Toy guitar with tons of buttons
-Toy saxaphone (he loves music!)
-Special Agent Oso figurines
-Random animals figures that make noises

My parents are getting Nicholas the Fisher Price little people animal playset thing. The age on it is 18 months + but he loves things like that. We have the barn with animals and he plays with it all the time.

Another idea for someone- Art easle (spelling?) Nicholas plays with that every day too.

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DD's big gift is a Kitchen. We'll also get a magna doodle (for long car rides). I'm not sure what else yet.....

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We're big Grinches. It just occurred to me that in A's 2.5 years of life we have yet to buy her either a birthday or a Christmas present. And it's not going to change this year. But both sets of grandparents are really generous, and we have a small barely-bigger-than-an-apartment house that is already over-filled with toys. If I have time I'm going to crochet or knit her a hat for Christmas, but I'm not stressing over it. Smile

But as far as gift ideas go... we got A's 1-year-old boy cousin a cool-looking wooden car for Christmas, and her 3-year-old girl cousin a tangram puzzle. My sister says those were good choices. Smile

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Leah is so much harder to shop for. She already has tons of things from when Gianna was her age. I got her dvd's, Figit, board games and anything Elmo. She is very obsessed with him. She got a beautiful play kitchen last year and man she still plays with it like crazy. Anything to keep them busy in the car is a winner with me too!

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We bought Vance two sets of pajamas 1 Cars and 1 Spongebob, slippers, a Mater stuffy with a Cars blanket, Alvin from the chimpmunks stuffy, sunglasses, a lemur stuffy, Cars2 Siddeley Spy Jet 2pc set (he is a huge 16 in long 14 wide jet), Spongebob movie, Despicable Me movie, and a Spiderman shirt with matching hat. We plan on buying him one more meduim/big present but haven't decided on what yet; I'm thinking something trains.

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The girls are getting a Playmobil Doll house with some accessories, a few plushies, and My Little Pony blankets. The Doll house is a bit old for Ana, but the twins are 3 1/2. (Playmobil is suggested 4+) They have all been asking for a doll house of their own for months (especially Mia). I can't wait to put it together Christmas Eve!

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I ended up getting her a doll house too with accesories. I hope she like it.