Cloth Diaper ideas

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Cloth Diaper ideas

To the cloth Diaper Mama's... Think back to your baby shower. Did anyone do anything cute like a diaper cake with cloth diapers? My dear friend is preggo and is going to cloth diaper. I really want to make a diaper cake but I don't know if I can with cloth and thats going to get really expensive quick. Did anyone do anything unique or special with your cloth diapers that you like? Do u have any pictures?

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One thing that popped into my head....have you ever seen cloth napkins folded into animal shapes? They do it in some restaurants, and they also do that to towels on cruise ships. Maybe you could find a way to fold them into little animal shapes?

Not the best idea I know. Good luck!

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I've seen little diaper cupcakes that were cute. Does she know the gender of her baby? Does she know what brand she would like to use? I know when I started cloth diapering, I purchased many different brands to try and decide what I liked.

You can purchase different brands and roll them up, wrap a pre-fold or even a washcloth around it in a nice complimentary color, then tie a wide ribbon around it to hold it all in place then set it in a large (largest size you can find) cupcake or muffin liner.

I have the idea in my head. Not sure what it would look like actually built. sounds cute!!

try googling cloth diaper cupcakes.

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I don't know how much you wanted to spend but these brands are highly thought of and cheap(er):



I haven't seen any done, have you googled?

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As far as brand goes, I have been using "bum genius" one size diapers with Corinna since she was little. The velcro is just now starting to wear out, but that's not bad considering they've been washed once a week or so for two years. I feel like at about $20 a diaper it's a pretty good investment and they come in very cute colors.