Coping Skills

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Coping Skills

We've had a frustrating week with DD. She's been freaking out over not getting what she wants and having random temper tantrums and crying jags. I'm wondering if there are things that I can do to help her develop better coping skills. I'm tired of her just crying like crazy and me saying "what's wrong? use your words". I guess rationalizing with a 2 year old is a futile effort.... but there must be something I can do.

Any thoughts or suggestions?

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Ugh, I have no suggestions, but I would like advice too! Miles is doing the same thing sometimes and I don't know what to do.

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UGH me too!! If I have to say "use your words" one more time.... I'm at a total loss on how to help you. But want to let u know you are totally not alone!!!

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I tell Zoey that I wont help her or talk to her until she tells me what's wrong. Then I walk away. I just ignore that sort of behavior. And when she comes to me and tells me what's wrong, I go overboard with the praise.

Good luck!

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I can totally sympathize. Corinna has days when she does this all day and she is normally good at communicating. Sometimes it is something really stupid like she wants to dance, but it's dinner time... or I'm just not doing what she wants fast enough (argh!).

Usually it means that she's overtired or hungry and I'm also kind of wondering if she might be teething again... she still doesn't have her "two year molars."

Ignoring it works usually, but not very quickly.

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