Daycare Increase!!!! (xp)

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Daycare Increase!!!! (xp)

OMG - what a terrible day! Daycare just announced that rates are increasing starting Nov 21st. With two kids for 3 days a week, the rates are increasing by $368 a month!!!!!! HOLY ****! Really???!!!! I love the place we use, they are very learning based, lots of art, great teachers, provide lunch, lots of reading, no TV, great outdoor space etc., but I honestly don't know if we can continue to send them there. We are going to run budget numbers to figure this out..... What a shocker!

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Wow I'm sorry they are increasing and by that much seems ridiculous!!! I hope ur able to figure out something.

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wow...what region do you live in? Daycare in my area for the boys is $550-600 a WEEK!

Sorry for the increase...hope youre able to find something that works out for your family