Declaration of Independence

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Declaration of Independence

Katie is no longer my little baby. She told me this morning at the park. She was swinging and saying something that ended in, " baby. I'm Katie!" I stopped the swing so I could hear all of it and she was saying, "babble, babble (words still aren't her strong point) uhn uh I'm no baby. I'm Katie!" I asked her if she was a baby and she shook her head no and said li'l girl. Then I asked if I could still call her my baby and she said no! I asked if I had to call her a little girl and she nodded yes and said, "No baby.":eek:

Of course this also means that other powers of observation are working just fine, because there was a rather large man without a shirt in the park and she looked at him, frowned and told him to put his shirt back on. ROFL

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Good job for Katie telling that man to put his shirt on!!! I hope he did!

What a sad time when the kids "grow up"