DH had his BIG V consult

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DH had his BIG V consult

What a wuss, is all I have to say. His own family doctor (we have different docs) does the procedure - no need for a urology referral!!! Yay! And, it's only $100. Yay! And, he got a script of Ativan to take prior to the procedure so I hopefully won't have to listen to too much b!tching and moaning afterward. Yay! I took Ativan prior to a root canal many years ago and it was like the BEST thing ever.:D Now I can finally think about getting off bc for good. He just needs to man up and stop complaining about how much it's going to @#$% up his life for 2 days and how much pain he's going to be in, blah blah blah. Do I sound unsympathetic? Yep, I think so too. Wink

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I'm happy for you that you have gotten him to that point!

Had another discussion about it with my DH, and he said that now is not a good time because he "wouldn't be able to do any heavy lifting for 3-4 months". :roll: I told him "I had a c-section where they cut open my stomach, and I was told not to lift anything heavier than baby for 4-6 weeks. Then he came out with "well, I'm just not comfortable with someone coming at me with a sharp knife, and I have to be awake for it too!". :banghead: I'll have to tell him about the Ativan!

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I think they all turn into babies any time you mention the man parts. My DH has already said he wants to be entirely out for the procedure - I laughed. I told him it would take them longer to put him out than it would to do the entire procedure. We're not ready to make any permanent changes yet, but when we are - he won't have a choice in the matter!!!

Glad to hear that your DH is finally going for it - stick the Ativan in his coffee if you have to! Smile

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DH had his done a week ago, Yahoo (I'm so proud of him). He didn't take any of his pain pills, only had a local, and didn't complain a bit. He was fully prepared for it to be an awful, horrible weekend, but he sat on the couch Friday and part of Saturday, and by Sunday was acting totally normal. He even took the girls for a bit on Saturday so I could get some things done. He said it felt like someone had kicked him in the balls, but not much worse than that. I've decided that most men just use it as an excuse to b1tch and moan and be huge wusses. Then they use the pain and "disability" as an excuse to avoid it.
I could not be more proud of DH for doing it, and not acting as though I asked him to cut his balls off.
I seriously think men never stop to think about what it's like to have a baby, or have someone slit their abdomen and then be expected to take care of a family two days later. They just don't seem to get that it's their turn to help take care of the family planing bit.

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Yay Lisa! I am glad he is finally going!