Dietition appointment

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Dietition appointment

At my prenatal appointment yesterday, I talked with my doctor about Hayleigh's diet. She thought is was concerning enough that we got referred to a dietition. May 10 is when we go!

I am always skeptical about what little tricks they can give us (we are way past "hiding" food in things) but I figured it was worth a try...

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What were your eating concerns? Its good that you are getting help. I feel like Liam goes in spurts but for the most part he does not eat a lot. He eats healthy and is pretty much a self made vegetarian Wink He has a double ear infection and something going on with his lungs right now so i am not pushing the food thing - but lately his diet has gotten down to just cheese, yogurt fresh fruit, toast with nutella, green beans, baby carrots and occasionally I can get him to eat noodles, but not always. of course he will eat cookies with no issues - I got these yogurt covered ones from Trader joes that he adores= oh and raisins...anyway i guess I just get worried that his food selection is so small. the kid will not even eat french fries anymore (much to my fathers dismay) he knows that McD's has the apple slices and that is all he wants (which I LOOOOVE, but my dad likes to take him and my niece for French fries and he gets so bummed that he cannot give him something fun - though Liam thinks the apple slices are fun)

Anyway, i am rambling! What are your eating concerns again? I will be interested to hear what a dietician has to say Smile

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Our concern is that Hayleigh eats next to nothing. Yogurt and Hummus are our staples. she will eat fruit on occasion but rarely vegitables and no meat. Sometimes she will eat cheese (but then we risk constipation - something we can deal with however). We can't keep any junk food in the house because she will obssess (sp?) over it.

She refuses pasta and french fries and all the other foods kids typically love but will eat pancakes like they are going out of style. I have tried Jerry Seinfled's wife cookbook and other ones that teach you to "hide food". If the colour changes at all, she will not eat it. If there are any "chunks" she refuses it.

Once in awhile, we can hide meat in hummus.

She is growing and she is not tired etc. but I am concerned and the doctor is concerned as well.

Hopefully we can get some tips...

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Hope you are able to get some good tips!

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A's practically a vegan. Blum 3 She can't eat dairy, she doesn't swallow meat, and she usually spits out eggs.

But she still nurses great, and at least she's actually eating now.

If a child isn't eating much, hummus is a great option - there's good fat, protein, and fiber. Yogurt it also good, quality food. A great nutrient-dense option.

Obviously you don't want this to continue, but trust me that these are really good options for a picky eater. It could be so much worse - she could refuse to eat anything but cookies and french fries. When we went to the nutritionist for A, she recommended we try to get A to eat hummus, peanut butter, and non-dairy yogurt. Coconut milk (the full fat kind, not the watered down stuff they sell as a drink) and non-dairy cheese were other good options.

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She sounds lot like my oldest Josh. I still cant get him to eat almost anything. The pedi was concerned but not overly so. She said to make sure he was getting a multivitimin with iron in it. Let us know how your appointment goes, maybe I can use some of the stuff you learn.

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Glad you got a referral!! Hope you get some answers!!

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Good luck at the appointment!! Can't wait to hear what they say! Smile