Do you think I can retire?

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Do you think I can retire?

I came upstairs from starting laundry to find Miriam carefully wiping snot from Katie's nose with a tissue, and telling her "it's ok, you're clean now." ROFL Now all I need to do is teach her to change a diaper and I can sit back and relax.

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What a good kid! Must be a proud Mom moment (aside from the thought of retiring!)

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Haha so cute. Izzies new favorite thing to do is to "clean up" max after he has spit up. She'll find the corner of the burp cloth and very carefully wipe his mouth, saying "clean up spit up good boy" haha. Oh siblings.

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Can I borrow her for...oh.....weeks? Wink

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Love it!!! Gavyn's like that with Addie too...although he also tries to send her to her room & tells her to be quiet... :rolleyes:

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"LittleMama07" wrote:

Love it!!! Gavyn's like that with Addie too...although he also tries to send her to her room & tells her to be quiet... :rolleyes:

Miriam was doing this as well, and I finally had to take her aside and remind her that she wasn't Kat's mommy, and it wasn't her job to punish her. Miriam actually made her cry one day because she was trying to put Katie in a time-out. But mostly it's stuff like the nose, or last night when Katie was scare at our church's Passion Play, and Miriam leaned over, rubbed Kat on the head and kept saying, "shhh, it's ok Kate, it's just pretend. You're Ok, it's just music and we're right here."

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That is very cute!

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That's so cute!

Claire does the same with Ben. I often overhear her saying "It's okay buddy. I'll make it better." or something like that.

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That's so cute. Smile A did something similar with her baby cousin on Sunday. She wiped his face with his burp cloth, then he drooled some more (as 3-month-old babies do) and she wiped it again, and again, and again. She also scolds the dog for eating her food (of course, she offers her the food first and then scolds her :rolleyes:).

They make good little mommies, don't they?

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Love it!! Retire away!! Smile

I am LOVING the age difference between Jeena and Maria (almost 3.5 years). In the morning, I can stay upstairs in bed, on my laptop while they go downstairs, Jeena gets a drink and yogurt for Maria and they eat together and then play. When I hear them start to get bored, I get up!

Jeena was playing in her room this afternoon and Maria was playing in the living room, neither of them needing us for anything! I told DH that I'll be really bored when they are both so independent all the time, what am I supposed to do?! Hhaha!