Dropping on the height chart

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Dropping on the height chart

We had our two year appoointment today. She was 25lbs and 33inches. She is staying almost the same on the weight chart but dropped from the 95th to the 25th percentile on the height chart. Anyone elses little one do this? We have to go back next month for a weight and height check to see what is going on with it. Everything else was good. She says it is time to potty train. I am scared because of all the issues with my older one. He still isnt ready to potty train. The pedi says she will more than likely be trained before him.

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Hmm... Odd about the drop, but I don't know what's normal at this point. We haven't had our checkup yet, so I'm anxious to see if he's still growing the same. I've got no clue, but good luck and KUP on the next growth check.

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We haven't had that, have you seena dietition? It sure worked for us!

As for the potty training, is she showing signs of readiness? I wouldn't push it...

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She sits on the potty, but hasnt gone yet. So she doesnt really get it. I am going to give her a while longer to see if she is more ready. Maybe if we catch a pee one time she will have an aha moment.

Havent seen a dietician, the pedi didnt suggest it either.

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A's been pretty consistent on the height charts, but her weight has gone from 60% to just under 5% in about a year. We've been to therapists and nutritionists, and to be honest I'm not sure any of that was necessary. But we also had a clear reason for what was going on - she wasn't eating. And it very well could have been a medical problem (an issue with swallowing, a GI disease, etc), so I'm not really upset that we investigated it. But in the end it's mostly cleared up on its own.

Here's what I would say - if she's otherwise fine (eating well, meeting her milestones, a healthy child), then it's probably not anything to worry about unless she continues to not grow. It can't hurt to get it checked out, though. Also, with height at this age, it's very difficult to get an exact measurement... and since they're so small, a bad measurement could make a big difference. Getting her checked again in a few weeks is a great idea. You might just find that she's back to her normal self after all, or at least that she hasn't dropped as much as it seemed before.

Another note about A - if you chart her on the WHOs growth chart - which is based on breastfed babies - instead of the CDCs - based on formula fed babies - A is pretty much in the 25th %-ile until very recently, when she dropped to the 10th. So not nearly the panic-inducing drop that you see in the CDC chart. IOW, these charts are prone to a good bit of error.