dropping naps? kill me!

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dropping naps? kill me!

this is my first post on the merged thread so pretty much only the july gals know me.

i'm so tired. i'm 37 weeks pg and last week my son thomas has pretty much fought napping. he used to be a solid 2-2.5 hour napper but lately it's been nothing. he just screams in his crib. today he screamed for an hour and half. i just couldn't get him though. i'm so tired and needed a break.

i know he's tired. what the heck is going on? he's not even 2.5 yet and not napping?

please tell me this is a phase. we have a new baby due any day now and i just am not going to be able to function if he doesn't nap at least for a little bit each day.

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My son is starting to drop naps to. I have no advice just support!!

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It's been hard to get Corinna to nap since May and I'm 34 weeks pregnant, so I totally know where you're coming from! I just explain to her that if she can't sleep then it's still quiet time... that helps me have some time to myself. It helps that she can't open her own door yet.

The worst thing, though, is that she is fighting me for every diaper change (and forget about using the potty) for the last month or more!

Today, my husband was changing her poopy diaper and having her sit on the potty and asked me to watch her for a second. She made it clear that she didn't want me there. "No, go away! No Mommy!"

Apparently, it's pretty normal for a kid to act up with Mom and be perfectly sweet to the new baby. I guess Corinna is just getting an early start.

Sorry if this isn't helpful. Good luck.

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ugh it's getting worse. he screamed last night for an hour and a half before finally passing out. then he was up and at 'em at 6am!

i even had dh take him to the doctor today just to make sure it wasn't an ear infection or something. nope, nothing wrong with him.

after the doctor we put him in to take a nap and he screamed again for an hour and half except this time he jumped out of the crib! :eek: thank god he wasn't hurt.

i went to buy buy baby and purchased a crib tent. he took absolutely no nap today and i just wish he would sleep. he's sooooo tired and yet i know he'll be screaming when we put him in the crib. he'll hate the tent but at least i know he won't be able to jump out and hurt himself. he is no way ready for a big boy bed.:confused: i'm so tired.

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I am sorry your little guy doesn't seem to want to nap. My DS gave up napping before his 2nd birthday :eek: I just about died, and I'm not even preggo!!

He seems to function fairly well, he will just go go go all day long. He doesn't go to bed any earlier either, but that's maybe something you could try? If he won't nap, then maybe try to put him down 1/2 hr. or an hour earlier?

Or(and I know it is nearly impossible, but...) maybe try to reason with him and tell him that he doesn't have to sleep, but that it's quiet time, and he can read, or play quietly?

My DS will occaisionally fall asleep on the couch, but I'd say he has a nap maybe 2x a month. I miss naptime.

Good luck!!

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ugh, sorry to hear that you are having a rought time!!!! My DD is almost 4 and we are just now starting to phase out nap time. When she was younger, I would have lost my MIND if she didn't have nap time!!!

I know others have already suggested this, but maybe just try to enforce "quiet time" if he's not going to have a nap where he can read or play quietly in bed. There have been lots of times where DD has not fallen asleep during nap time, but she knows that the door stays closed and she needs to entertain herself for a couple of hours until it's time to come out. It took some practice to get her to understand this, but once she did it was heaven.

Also, I know you said he's not ready for a big kid bed, but maybe a little toddler bed would be a good transitioner? Maybe the novelty would be enough to get him excited about sleeping in it....just a thought....good luck!!!!!

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Hey Nancy, I saw your post on the FB group, but I didnt feel like typing back on a touch screen (sorry)

I dont have much advice for you since I still have a napper, but has something else changed with him, or your routine? Is he getting enough energy out before it is nap time? Have you tried waiting an hour before putting him down? What about that rude neighbor of yours that seems to know when it is his nap time, is she deliberty making noise outside his window?

How about today, how did it go?

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well friends, it's getting worse and worse. now not only is he not napping but he's not sleeping at night. he's screaming bloody murder at night. we bought a crib tent last night because at "nap" time he jumped out of the crib.

last night he passed out after not too long of a time but only because he was completely exhausted from not napping one wink. then at 3am he was up screaming. SCREAMING! and it went on for just under THREE HOURS before we finally gave up. we went in a few times to reassure him and give him a hug but it just was making him more upset.

this is awful. i don't know what to do. nothing's changed in his room. he's exhausted. we're all exhausted. could he be scared? i don't know. with did CIO when he was younger and it worked for us. but three hours of screaming and not going back to sleep? that's insane.

it's 6:30am and i know if i put him in the car right now he'd be asleep in a second. so what is it about the room? this is horrible. i tried to tell him he needs to be quiet in there and have rest time but he doesn't get it. and now add a newborn to this? ugh. i can only pray that it's a phase.

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My nephew had night terrors Nancy, that could be the problem. He would only wake up screaming though and at most would last a half hour, 3 hours seems a bit excessive for night terrors though.

When you go in there, I read on FB that you don't talk to him. If you did and asked him what is wrong, would he be able to verbalize what the problem is? I put Jax down for a nap once and he started screaming, that is so strange, so I go in there, and I didn't have the 'right' blanket on him and it wasn't on the 'right' way. Since Jax isn't a huge talker, it took a while to figure out what the hell was wrong though.

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i've asked him a few times what's wrong and he just says "down" because he wants to get down. i can't imagine what the problem is. he is SCREAMING in his crib right now. it's nap time. it's going on an hour. i don't think it's night terrors because he doesn't even fall asleep! if he was screaming after being asleep i'd think so but now he just fights me to go in the crib. it's awful.

this is so horrible i don't even know what to say. it came on so suddenly.

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I agree w/PP about giving up the crib. I would think that might at least help with nap time. DD has days when she won't nap at all, but she can be content in her room reading books and playing quietly. It's a huge help. Even when she does nap, she may not be quite ready - so she plays a little then lays down when she's tired. Sometimes she ends up on the recliner, but oh well.

It seems like at this point a couple of bad days have messed with the sleeping pattern all together and that now things are just all out of whack. Not sure how you stop the cycle.....