food addiction - ot, xp

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food addiction - ot, xp

Well ladiesn you might be thinking I'm crazy after reading this, but I think I've actually figured something out and felt comfortable about coming here for mmaybe some support or help.

I've always dealt with no self-control when it comes to eating food. I've even gone so far as to when I'm substitute teaching and the kids aren't in the classroom, I go on a "food hunt" to see what I can eat from the teacher's desk/cabinets. Horrible, I know. And lately, my anxiety (which had actually gotten better after Maxton was born) has started coming back and I've been noticing a correlation between eating or craving certain things and my frustration and anxiety levels. So I did some research and found some information on Food Addiction. It seems to fit me pretty well (it even falls in place with my ultra low sex drive - the last time DH and I did anything remotely sexually related was about a month ago :().

So, it says that basically I have to cut out sugars, carbs, and flour - my 3 biggest cravings. (Heck, when I'm baking, ill sneak a spoonful of plain flour!). I've been talking to DH about it this morning and he seems to understand it a little bit. I'm thinking people are just going to laugh about it and call me lazy or something.

I guess all I'm doing with this is just trying to talk it out, and thanks for reading.

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I have heard this exact thing!!! My hair dresser actually tried a diet that cut all three of those things out! I see her tomorrow and will ask if she still has a copy of the diet!

She didn't stick with it because of how restrictive it was (she gave into the cravings). If you could do it, I would love to see if things improve!

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I am on the same page as far as no self-control with food. I am a huge stress eater. And well, this year I'm finishing my Master's Degree (STRESS), with an almost 2 year old (STRESS), moved cross country away from family for an internship (STRESS x2), and moving back home in 2 weeks (STRESS). Not to mention I'm taking a certification exam for my profession next week and interviewing for a job today...okay more stress. I have been horrible with going back and forth to the kitchen. Now that I'm preggo, I'll force myself to get in control, like I did my first pregnancy.

I'm afraid I don't have any advice, because I have a similar issue...but it sounds like you have a handle on it since you can come out and say it. Kudos to you! And its wonderful that you have the support from your Hubby...that always helps!

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I don't really have any advice, just wanted to offer :bigarmhug:

Holler if you need anything. I may not live close, but I can give great moral support. Smile

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[QUOTE=MichiGal23] (Heck, when I'm baking, ill sneak a spoonful of plain flour!). /QUOTE]

This is so interesting to me, and makes me think there is something going on. I think it's great that you're reading up on it and I hope that you can find some others in similar situations so that you can learn even more. Online is great b/c it's anonymous but the information is not always so reliable. It would be great to find a Food Addiction group locally. Good luck and keep us posted about it.