Funny things kids say!

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Funny things kids say!

I have this as my facebook status but in case I don't have you or you didn't see it. It's just too funny not to share.
The funnies of Vincent and Vance:
Vincent: Mommy your so cute I just want to eat you like a meatball!
Vance to me: Your so funny kid!
LOL these boys crack me up. Smile

Share the funny things your little ones have said lately here!

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Hahaha... I love this topic. Of course, I can't think of anything off the top of my head, but Sean cracks me up on a daily basis. Right now, he's developing a little attitude (uh-oh!). If you're scolding him for something, he'll stop what he's doing and look at you, throw his arms out to the side and say "WHAT" with a lot of emphasis on the T at the end. OMG... He just sounds so defiant when he says it. He has also started yelling "Fine!" all dramatic-like if he isn't getting his way. LOL. I don't know where he gets this stuff, hahahah...

The other day, I was leaving for work and he acted distressed like he didn't want me to go (even though he stays home with daddy)... As I was walking out the door, he hugged me and looked in my eyes and said "Careful" in a very concerned voice. It was my "melt" moment of the day.

He also recently gave me a bite of something (he'll occasionally force me to eat a bite of whatever he has)... So he fed me a bite of something and then very sternly said, "Chew it up" while pointing his finger at me, hahaha.

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Zoey's really into big and small since Milo was born (I think because I emphasize that she's big and he's little). She needs to point out everything that's big and small in life. She'll routinely tell me that she's small and I'm big, or that my lunch is big and hers is small, or that my feet are big and hers are small, and so forth. This morning I asked her how I looked before we went out for the day, and she informed me that my butt was big. :eek:

At the post office this past week, the man at the counter was making conversation with her and asking her what's new (we see him frequently because I'm always mailing hats). She got very serious and leaned toward him and quietly informed him, "Daddy poops."

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April, A does that all the time, too! Pooh Bear is little, like A. Mama and Abba are big, like the car. And, apparently, my tummy is really big. Lol

I posted this one on facebook, but I think it bears repeating: Today at church, during the Lord's Supper, A was reading through a board book about Jesus. She got to the page where he's on the cross, and she said (loudly), "He's naked! Jesus is naked!" I about died! :oops: ROFL

Also, tonight when she was saying her prayers, she said, "Dear God, please help Mama be good and obey A. Amen."

And she's started getting all bossy with DH, too. "No, Abba. Don't say 'I love you' to A" or "No, Abba. Don't say 'Yeah boy' to A." And she gets all upset when she sees us kissing. She says, "No!" very emphatically and tries to push us apart. I guess she wants to be an only child. Biggrin

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I love reading what other babies are saying. Sofia doesnt take much still but when we go outside and it is sunny she covers her head and says "my hair, my hair."

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I was playing with the girls and was pretending to be sad when Katie turned around with a stern little face, pointed a finger at me and said "Don't pout, Mommy. No pouting."

Miriam discovered jokes a couple months ago, and Katie has been trying to imitate her, but the best she's come up with so far was, "Why did the tree fall down? had to!"

We love going to a local Middle Eastern restaurant, and they have beautiful murals on the walls, one of which is two men in the desert kneeling on their prayer rugs. When we sat next to it one day Kat looked up and very loudly shouted, "It's Jesus!" When we said that it wasn't she looked back up and said, "Oh, it's Santa."

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"marymoonu" wrote:

I don't know where he gets this stuff, hahahah...

Lol - yes. I'm not sure where Cam gets his attitude, either. Whenever I'm doing something he doesn't want me to do, he looks at me in his most condescending grown up way and sighs "No, no, mommy." (Guess he's heard that one too often!)

Cams also very into sizes and genders. Lately whenever there is a big or small of something he'll call the big one a 'daddy' or 'mommy' and the little one will be a baby. We've seen lots of pairs: daddy and baby cars, and in his books he always points out which ones are the parents and the babies.
Also he's gotten big into gender. Any female looking characters he sees in books or on tv are mommies and all the males are daddies. It amazes me that he can guess them correctly 95% of the time. (Even if it's just a daddy bird and baby bird, or a mommy kangaroo and her baby - he picks up on such subtle cues of illustration and voice...I never would have thought he could.)

Cam's big thing lately is he likes to put us to bed. DH will lie down in Cam's bed and Cam will cover him up and say "Ni daddy!" and then hand him a book, sometimes pretend to read, get halfway out the door and then run back in "Daddy, tiss!" (kiss) Then get halfway out the door again and then push his lovey blue blanket towards DH's mouth "Daddy, chew blue!" and so on. It's so cute!

My favorite thing he's said lately (probably because it was so neat to see how he thinks since he still isn't nearly as verbal as most kids his age are) was on the drive down to MIL's through the country. We saw horses and we pointed them out and he yelled "Neigh!! Neigh eat grass!" I confirmed that they were indeed eating grass, and out of nowhere he continued "Tow eat grass! Tow night bahn!" (Cows eat grass and go "night" in a barn.) I love that he's picking stuff up and able to apply it. It makes me go :eek: My baby is big!

He can't pronounce Riley's name so he calls her "eye-ee" but most of the time he just calls her "baby." Is it sad that every time I hear this I think "ohhh so that's how the girl in Dirty Dancing must have gotten her nickname" lol.
Randomly he walk up to her and sniff, and then tell me "Baby nink (stinks). Baby poop! Change!"

Another one I find hilarious is if we are both eating a cookie and he's eaten more of his and I still have almost a whole cookie left he shouts out "Switch!" and takes my cookie and give me the bite he had left.

Okay I'll stop there, but it's so fun that he's finally starting to really put words together.

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I LOVE reading posts like this.

I had to add one for my DD, hope you don't mind!

Last night she asked me for some chocolate and I told her no as it was almost time for bed. So, she began to ask her Dad (thinking he'd say yes) and so I butted in and said 'Leia, Mummy said no'. She then turns around and sort of shouts 'I wasn't talking at you anyway!'

I had to stop myself from laughing my head off haha.


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We had been on vacation since Friday afternoon (the 15th), and today was the first day I had to wake Miles up go to daycare, and I had to go to work....I walk in say "Miles, its time to wake up, I will be back in a minute to get you out of bed" I walk into my room and I heard him get out of bed, he runs to the door and says "Nooooo I sleepin!" then slams the door and goes back to lay in his bed! Umm wow, little attitude!

Yesterday we were going to the county fair and I had put his shirt over his head...well it flattened out his hair and kinda got hair in his eyes (he has a head of puffy curls). He said "Ugh mama, my need a hair cut!" lol yes he does need a trim, but I didn't expect him to say it!

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These are too funny!

Victoria has become my little parrot. Whenever I'm asking the boys to do something, she'll repeat it in her firmest tone of voice. It's so cute to hear her little voice trying to boss her brothers around. She can't say their names properly yet, but she says "Jon-tan" for Jonathan and "Nik-eh" for Nicholas. Most of the time though, she just tries to get both of their attention by shouting "Guys!"

She also hasn't yet mastered the 's' sound, and when she says the word sock she replaces the s with a k sound, so you can imagine what it sounds like. The other day when she was helping me sort laundry, she kept saying "Here Daddy's kock, brother's kock..." She also drops the 'l' in the word clock...

There are a couple of words that are so cute when she says them, part of me hopes she never pronounces them properly. For upside down, she says "uppy down" and apple juice is "appy juu" Smile

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When we were moving last week we brought her to the house when it was empty.

DD: "Where's our stuff?"
Us: "where do you think it is?"
DD: "It's in the laundry".

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DH likes to smack my bottom, obviously, Hayleigh has seen it as well :rolleyes:

I was changing and had to pee so I left my pants and undies off to go to the bathroom. Hayleigh wanders in. While I am washing my hands she comes up behind me and smacks my (bare) bottom a few times and walks out of the room (just like DH does).

Hayleigh's time frame for everything right now is 2 weeks (i.e. baby is coming in two weeks).

She likes to point out everything we love "Mommy loves green, Daddy loves blue, Hayleigh loves pink)

When we tell her she is on the path towards a time-out she automatically apoloigizes, runs to give us hugs and tells us she loves us. We haven't had to put her in time out for a couple of weeks!

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Ben still hasn't put 2 words together, so it's difficult to find the 'aww' factor in the things he says.

Last week after picking them up from the dayhome, on our way home:
DD: I love my daddy.
Me: I love your daddy too.
DD: Is my daddy your daddy too?
Me: No. Daddy is my husband. I married him. I have my own daddy.
DD: Who is your daddy?
Me: Granddad is my daddy.
DD: Aw, thanks for sharing your daddy with me, Mommy!!

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OK, one more from just now.

A: I need three chocolate chips and one chocolate chip.
Me: Do you know how many chocolate chips that makes?
A: Makes A happy!

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These are hilarious! Leah really doesn't say too much and when she does no one really understands her but me. I love that she is so obsessed with her baby cousin, Erik. She'll coming running in the room "A-YA!!!!" I watch him during the day and he went to stay with his dad for a week, man everyday is was "where A-ya?" I hate when my kids get hurt but when Leah gets even a little boo boo it's "owwwww" and a sigh. Gianna is the one that really cracks me up. She is just too smart these days and calls our bluffs all the time.
Me: Gianna, do you know I love you?
G: yes
Me: How?
G: You just told me, Duhhhh!

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Joey doesn't talk a whole lot yet but he is obsessed with Booboo's. I can hear him in the baby monitor pointing out every single cut and scrap on his little legs and say booboo over and over again.

I have alot of frekles and he points to them and calls the boo boo's. He says it was such compassion its adroable and funny at the same time.

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Vance told DH is the most stern voice and serious face, "go to your room daddy". LOL love it!

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Zoey informed me today when I was changing Milo's diaper, "You don't touch Milo's penis, Mama!"

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I was really sick earlier this month (throwing up, tons of pain), and DH told A that she could ask God for Mama to feel better. So here's what she said:

"Dear God, Mama to feel better so A can have milk. Amen."

Then she cried when I threw up again, and asked DH to take her into another room. Poor kid. But she definitely made me smile. Smile

And then, the other day she said, "I need to brush my orange teeth!"

(Her toothbrush is orange, so I assume she was just getting confused. But it's still cute. Biggrin )

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Last night's conversation between DD and my mom (who lives on the other side of the country):
DD: I have to go. We're having supper now.
Nan: Can I come for supper too?
DD: No. You live too far away.
Nan: What do you mean? I'm right around the corner!
DD: Yeah, a really BIG corner!

Oh, and Ben said this a few days ago for the first time (I know, not funny but still adorable): "I....Wuv....You....Mama." Melt........

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"Claire'sMommy" wrote:

Oh, and Ben said this a few days ago for the first time (I know, not funny but still adorable): "I....Wuv....You....Mama." Melt........

Awww Smile There's nothing sweeter than a toddler saying I love you. :love1:

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"harmonybear" wrote:

Awww Smile There's nothing sweeter than a toddler saying I love you. :love1:

I definitely can't get enough of that!

Miles does this thing lately, where he'll be playing with his trains or whatever, get up, throw them, say "My (I'm) maaadd", then go sit by the back door (the time out spot), then about a minute later, he'll get up and say "My happy again!!" then go on doing what ever he was doing before. So strange, but really funny he puts himself into a time out!

He also tries to pretend to pick up something heavy like the couch or a table and he'll grunt and say "Itsa heeavy". I know that doesn't sound too funny, but if you heard him, he sounds like Mario from Super Mario Brothers! lol It's like out of no where he gets this accent!

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While watching Dora this morning Vance had me laughing.
Dora: say map
Vance: Map
Dora: now say it louder
Vance: Louder!
LOL he cracks me up.

TMI for the next one.
Vance wanted to call grandma so I gave him my cell to talk to my Mom.
He went to the bathroom with it but I was busy and didn't follow.
He called me to tell me he pooped so I can wipe his butt.
When I went into the bathroom he was showing the phone his poop trying to show grandma that he pooped saying me pooped in the potty.
It was gross but funny to see and hear him, he is funny he thinks if he shows the phone something that the person on the other end can see it.
After I cleaned him up and washed hands he took the cell with him to watch tv, he said grandma watch tv with me and put the cell next to the tv and started watching.
LOL he is so cute.

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