Getting the urge again

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Getting the urge again

to POAS!!!

Last month I had that BFP followed by BFN followed by AF. Since then we've been using condoms b/c DH said he's not ready yet. Well.... I'm guessing by the back pain and crankiness that AF should be here sometime this week but I sitll have this overwhelming urge to POAS. What if? What if that wasn't a real AF and just some bleeding and I have an 8 week old baby in my belly??? My pants have been tight lately.... I'm sure that has nothing to do with how I'm not working out or eating expecially healthy and everything to do with a miracle child that broke through laytex. ;( ok so probably not. but a girl can dream can't she?

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Well, it will ease your mind, and either make your day, or AF come faster! Biggrin There were plenty times I did that just because I felt I had to. My pr was/is so irregular I could never tell when I had "missed" when it was supposed to come!

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Any update?

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Did you POAS??? Smile Funny, I keep wanting to POAS too. I'm still BFing DS2, and still haven't had AF since he was born, and there's always this question in the back of my mind, like what if I O'ed and caught the egg and didn't know it (because we haven't been doing anything to prevent it... EEK!!). I'm still 99% sure I haven't ovulated though.