Had my u/s (OT)

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Had my u/s (OT)

It looks like Miles is going to have a little sister!! He totally called it too! He would never acknowledgment that it was ever a boy. He would always get mad and say "No!!! It's a baby sister!!" We are all super happy, Miles gets his sister, DH gets his little princess he wanted and I have my complete family! Biggrin

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Congratulations!! :sleepygirl:

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Yeah for a girl baby!!!!!!! Smile Congrats!!

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Yay! Congrats!!!

That's what we got. Our boy and then our baby girl and I am LOVING it!

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It's funny...throughout life I never really got exactly what I wanted. But when I was pg for Miles all I wanted was a little boy, and this time I wanted a little girl, and I got exactly what I wanted..I feel so blessed!

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Congrats on your little girl. Miles is going to be a great big brother Smile

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So exciting!