Hair growth... or lack thereof!!

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Hair growth... or lack thereof!!

Maria's hair seems to be taking forever to grow!!!

I don't know if I should go get it trimmed with the chance that it might grow faster, and risk the chance of her looking like a boy!! Or do I leave it?

Anyone else with slow growing baby hair?

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I can't even put Moriah's in a little pigtail!! Her hair is so fine and there isn't a whole lot. I was just talking to my mom about it. I remember Sophia had a ton of hair when she was at this stage that Moriah is at.

Moriah is starting to get some longer bangs but she will not keep a little clippie in her hair at all. She has these thin little wisps of hair that hang over her ears, too. Part of me wants to get it trimmed, but the fact that she barely has any anywhere else makes me not want to cut the long strands she does have!

I have seen some little girls the same age as Moriah who have these beautiful, flowing locks of thick hair. I get a little jealous!!!!

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Here's Jeena's hair at the same age that Maria is now. So for me too, it's very strange that Maria's hair is how it is!!

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I have the opposite problem with Vance he has so much hair and long too that everyone calls the poor thing a girl. His hair is always in his eyes because it is so long and he is always pushing it out of his face. He has this shaggy cut look although he has never had a hair cut. I just don't want to cut the cuteness off, plus his big brother at almost 4 has never had a hair cut so I don't think it would be fair for him to have one first. That's my excuse and I'm sticking to it.

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I remember being nervous that Victoria would look like a boy when we first got her hair cut, but we had it done in a 'baby bob', and she still looked very much like a girl! Also, the hair dresser told me then that if we kept trimming it regularly, it would grown in thicker, and that has been the case. She just had a cut in March, and is already looking like she'll need another one soon.

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The girl that cut izzies hair (which I was soooooooo nervous about!) Said that if you cut their hair before the age of 3, then its more likely to grow thicker.

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Stephanie I love that your boys have long hair- I think its so cute!

Kieran had a slow start with his hair but its picked up some in the past few months. The first time I trimmed it was right before Christmas, I just trimmed it out of his eyes and a little in the back because it was getting too close to a mullet for me lol. I just cut it again a week ago and did a little bit more. I like his longer/shaggier look but wanted it to look evened out. Plus it was in his eyes again. I've never cut hair before and its going to take some more practice but his doesn't look too bad Wink I'll try to post a pic later but I'm on DH's laptop now.

If I had a girl I don't know if I would cut it in hopes that it would grow faster! By cut it do you mean like, shave it all off or just cut it really short?

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I wouldn't think that the act of cutting hair would really affect how it grows at all since growth comes from the scalp and not the hair itself..?

As for me, it took Sean's hair forever to start growing, but once it got started, it grows crazy fast. Maybe she'll have a hair explosion (like the talking explosion, haha) soon..?

I don't really mind baldies since I have boys, but not sure what I'd do with a girl, haha... Sean was probably 18mos before I could've put a little bow in it, had he been a girl. My whole family jokes that they thought I'd go to kindergarten bald. I'm guessing it's just a biological thing that we can't control.

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Zoey was really slow in the growth department and now all of a sudden in the last....hmmm....couple months (3 max?) it seems to have picked up a lot. But it's so fine I can't do much of anything with it, and I the back grows so fast and the top so slow that she has a permanent mullet!

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ooh yeah I know what it's like to have a sloooow hair grower!!

I have a pic to post of DD1 when she was just over looks like her hair has been cut into a short boy cut but it just hadn't grown any further than that!! When the photoweb stops playing up, I'll come back and post the pic. Here is the pic

She is now 3.5yrs and STILL has never had a haircut! (although she has a little bit of length and curl to it now so looks like a girl)

Josie seems to be doing better in the hair department and has enough for me to pull into piggytails. It's still fairly fine though.

I guess the girls unfortunately got my hair....fine and slow growing.....

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Both of my girls are slow hair growers. Miriam had her first haircut at almost 3, and hasn't had one since, though she's had her bangs trimmed a couple times, and Katie, while thick haired, doesn't have any length. This is the two of them last month

And this was Miriam at 27 months. She still hadn't had any type of haircut at that point.

They just don't grow hair. I don't mind too much, as it keeps clean up time down. Smile Miriam's best friend has always had a ton of hair, and meal times could be a bit disastrous what with all that hair to clean food out of.

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If you get them to trim off the ends (at the bottow) and not too much more then it will at least appear to be thicker since the hair growing in from the top will start catching up to the stuff growing in at the bottom. DD was the same way - her hair grew really slow and it's super fine. I got it cut into a little pageboy bob just after she turned 2 and it made a big difference. It didn't look as thin and wispy after that.