Halloween Pictures

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Halloween Pictures

Okay ladies I want to see some little ones and their siblings too in their costumes, so please share them here.

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YAY Pics! I was disappointed this year because we have less pics, and lees good ones. I guess we're too busy chasing the kids at this point :/

I recycled my costume from last year. We were a whole family of Renaissance people.

This year Elly wanted to be Woody, and Mia wanted to be "the witch with a green face and hands." Not tat they have seen Wizard of OZ yet, but she saw pictures of her while googling for witch costumes. I couldn't get either kid to switch themes so I guess those days are already over Sad We had Ariana be Dorothy~ DH's dad and step mom made the costumes, they are awesome at that.

As for trick-or-treating, Ana did AWESOME!! She walked the whole way and was SUPER cute. She was waving at everyone and saying "trick-or-treat" "happy Halloween" and "thank you" randomly to any passer by. The twins were on more of a mission to get candy this year.

My face is HORRIBLE here, but three kids are looking good:

Daddy went as Doctor Who: