Happy 2nd Birthday Chase! (Mom2APickle)

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Happy 2nd Birthday Chase! (Mom2APickle)

Happy 2nd Birthday Chase Robert! Mom2APickle stop by with an update and pictures. :party:

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Thank you so much for the birthday wishes! We have had a rough few months, with finding out hubby had cancer in April and then finding out one of my sisters possibly has cervical cancer (and I had lost my mom back in 2008 to ovarian cancer...) so we were long overdue for something to celebrate! Chase had a great birthday........it was just the 4 of us, but he loved it! Here are a few pics from today......

I asked how old he was going to be.....

He was not a fan of the hat!

Thank you again for thinking of us.......And a big happy birthday to all the June jitterbugs!!!! :bigarmhug:

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Happy Birthday Chase! Thank you for the update and so sorry about the last few months! KUP about DH's health!

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Thanks so much, Delia and Erin! DH had surgery to remove a tumor in April, but it had unfortunatley spawned and left behind lots and lots of spores on his intestines. The type of cancer he has doesn't respond to chemo, so to treat the spores left behind he has to take a pill to stop them from growing....and the pill costs $5,300 a month!! SO thankful for insurance!!! LOL But he is now back to work, after being out for 7 weeks. And with no pay that whole time, that was rough but we've made it so far.

It was such a shock to all of us, though. He went in for what our doctor thought was appendicitis and when they did the CT scan they found the tumor!

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I am so sorry to hear about DH's cancer. I'm glad he's been able to fight it.

Happy birthday to Chase!! I'm glad he had a nice celebration with his family.