Happy 2nd Birthday Gwendolyn! (AshG)

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Happy 2nd Birthday Gwendolyn! (AshG)

Happy 2nd Birthday Gwendolyn Freya! Ash stop by with an update and pictures. :party:

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Happy Birthday!!!!

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Aww!!! I just stopped by the page for the first time in forever and saw that you posted happy birthdays for everyone. That is SO SWEET!!!! Thanks for the birthday wishes. Everything is great here. Gwenny is pretty much the craziest little girl I've ever met and I feel lucky to have her as a daughter. She's super funny and has a big personality. We had a Spongebob themed party outside with pools and a bouncy castle but unfortunately I don't have any of those pics on my computer. Here's a few pics

She got some fish for her birthday too!

And her birthday cake

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Wow does she look grown up! Happy birthday!!!

It is great to hear from you!

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