Happy 2nd Birthday Hayleigh! (ekcanada)

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Happy 2nd Birthday Hayleigh! (ekcanada)

Happy 2nd Birthday Hayleigh Bryn! Erin any special birthday plans? Stop by with an update and pictures. :party:

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Thank you! We had a quiet family party.

Here are some pictures:

Playing with balloons (that is my Mom in the background)

She has been talking about a purple b'day cake for a week

With her cousin who's b'day is the day after Hayleigh's

Setting up Crazy Forts with DH

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Great pictures!!! Crazy Forts seem to be the gift to get this year!! Smile

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Happy birthday Hayleigh!! :happybday: Looks like you had a fun party!

She looks so grown up!

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Happy Birthday! Looks like she had a great party.

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Happy Birthday Hayleigh!! I hope u had a great 2nd b-day! I love the pics!! Looks like one great party!