Happy 2nd Birthday Miles! (AimeeLynne)

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Happy 2nd Birthday Miles! (AimeeLynne)

Happy 2nd Birthday Miles! Aimee any special birthday plans? Stop by with an update and pictures. :party:

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Happy birthday Miles! Hope you have a great day!

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Thank you! DH and I took the day off and spent it with him, then later had a family get together. He loved it, he got his swing set, and crab sandbox. We are having his "friend" party this weekend. I will post pics then!

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Aww, happy birthday birthday, Miles! I didn't realize that he and Moriah share the same birthday! Can you believe we have 2 year olds now?!

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Happy birthday Miles! Sounds like a great day, and still a party to come! :party:

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Happy Birthday Miles - Sorry I'm a few days late!!! Hope u had a grea day!

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Happy birthday! Can't wait for pictures!